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UPDATE:Congrats to Tracy! Autographed Copy of ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ GIVEAWAY!

6 January 2011 673 Comments

You read that right… We are giving away a copy of ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ signed by Stephenie Meyer!  The contest will last through the weekend, and all you need to do is leave a comment below.  In your comment you will need to include which Stephenie Meyer book is your favorite and why, and that’s it!  Make sure you enter a valid email address, because we will pick a winner Sunday evening, January 9, 2011.  Anyone and everyone is eligible, we will ship to any place in the world!  The winner will be picked at random.

So, what are you waiting for?  Leave your comment below to enter!


  • Tiffany :) said:

    My favorite stephanie meyer book is twilight (not the series as a whole but ya know the first one) i loveee the series but i would have to pick twilight as my favorite because the whole entire plot and characters and all that was completely fresh to me when i read it.. and it was so suprising and shocking to read about such a different way of writing and such a differnt world. i never read a vampire book before twilight

  • Allye N said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. The original. Always been my favorite! (Although if a certain, not-to-be-named, book were published, that might take over my top spot. Maybe.) :)

  • Jessica said:

    I would say my favorite book is New Moon. I may be team Edward but I think that Stephenie did a fantastic job of capturing what Bella went through. I remember the reading the months changing after he left and it broke my heart. It was also interesting to see the interaction with Bella and Jake and how that really progressed. However Italy was my favorite. I loved meeting the Volutri, especially Jane! Her outtakes on her website were fantastic too!

  • Katie B said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn, because Bella finally becomes a vampire, the wedding, and almost everybody has a happy ending. Pick me please

  • Brittany White said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is probably New Moon. I loved the way it was written. While reading I felt like I was going through a break up myself. I think this really shows how much Edward and her were in love. I think it gave a lot of depth to their realtionship and proved that it just wasn’t “puppy love”. Also, I really liked learning about the tribe and traditions. I am not a Team Jacob fan (however, I am Team Taylor) but it really made you think there is a possibilty that they could live happily ever after together.

  • Katrina said:

    Hmm thats a hard choice for me – I love Bree Tanner because I felt like it gave me a glimpse into the other side of Twilight – the harder eviler side of vampire life and I loved getting to know some new characters. BUT overall I would also have to choose New Moon as my fav simply because I can relate to the struggle Bella goes through and her insecurities about her relationship the most. Watching Bella’s struggle to rebuild her life around a gap that will always be there breaks me heart everytime I read it and of course it also gives us our first glimpse of Volturi, has an action packed race across the world and ultimately a happy ending so what more could you want!!

  • Kimberly Parker said:

    Bree Tanner was fabulous (those last few moments of desperate communication were heart breaking!), but I would have to say my favorite book has to be New Moon. It was so raw and honest; it haunted me! <3

  • Carolyn Harvey said:

    I loved all the books in the series, but my favorite is Breaking Dawn. I feel like all the other books lead up to this one, and the story lines all came together. It was fun watching Bella transform from a rather awkward teenager to a strong wife/mother/clan leader, and still remain true to her human values. Meeting all the other vampire clans left open interesting possibilities for other stories, should Stephenie ever feel like writing more vampire novels; and I would love it if some day she’d write more about the growth and developing relationship between Renesme and Jacob.

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  • Becky said:

    Hey (:

    My favorite has so far definetely been “New Moon”.
    It helped me deal with depression, and somehow pulled me out from the bottom of a deep black hole (:

  • Sarah Lynn said:

    I LOVE them all but if I had to choose I would say Breaking Dawn. I just love how in the end everything works out for each charater and everyones happy:)

  • Chasity Hall said:

    I have not had a chance to read Bree Tanner yet, so this would be great. I think Twilight is my favorite cause it started the whole thing and its that look across the room and fall in love thing!

  • Jennifer Sosniak said:

    Breaking Dawn because Jacob imprints on the baby! :)

  • Britney W said:

    I love all of Stephenie’s books (I reread the Twilight Sage whenever I feel down), but The Host is my favorite. I love the setting and story line. And the idea just seemed very original to me. And I’m kind of a fan of Ian. :o)

  • Jade Dundon said:

    my fave is eclipse…the tension and emotions are soooo intense and the personal conflict in bella is at it’s strongest when she realises that she does in fact love jacob ‘that way’ but she still cant bring herself to leave edward and the fact that the wolves and vampires come together to work as one was a great twist. The Quileute history was also very interesting (even though its made up) as it provided a whole new perspective on bella’s internal conflict.

  • Jenna said:

    I’d love to win a signed copy of this book!!!!!

  • Latimira said:

    I Love all the books, but I think my favorite is Breaking dawn. That’s the book I’ve read the most. It’s always like I read it for the first time. There are all this little details that make me squeeee 😛 All the things that happen are so unexpected. You are at all time OMG what is gonna happen. :)

  • Melissa said:

    My favourite Stephanie Meyer book is New Moon. Because it shows the struggles that go on in the real world as well as fantasy. It always shows how much Bella is willing to go through to save Edward. It shows what true love is and how you have to fight for it. The Host is a close second! Meyer has a fascinating imagination and has inspired me to write. LOVE all her books.

  • C. Bahr said:

    I cant help it…I really wish she would have finished Midnight Sun because as much as I love the published series I think it would have been nice to hear it all again but in a whole new story from Edwards side. If I have to pick a published book then I would pick Breaking Dawn because I like how even though a family was something that none of them had considered (I am talking of Nessie) it happened. Then that one child brought everyone together for a common goal. :)

  • Tracy Beam said:

    I found Stepenie Myer’s first book ~ Twilight by accident at a book store. I immediately fell in love with her story line & writing. I called my sister and got her hooked on the book as well. So, my favorite book is TWILIGHT!
    I was so excited when I heard movies were being made~I’m such a big fan! Thank you, Stephenie!!

  • Ronel Nortje said:

    In all honesty I didn’t want to read or watch anything to do with Twilight, as “I’m not that big into vampires”. Luckily for me, a friend of mine bulldozed me into watching the first Twilight DVD and so the next day I bought all the books over the Internet and there was no turning back.
    The first time I read them, I could do nothing but read. I stayed awake all night reading and read even while brushing my teeth. I rejoiced with Edward when he realized Bella was alive in New Moon. I sympathized with Bella for loving Edward so much, but not wanting to hurt Jacob. I giggled when Alice kidnapped Bella and later when Edward kidnapped her and she tried to seduce him. I held my breath during the wedding…picturing it in my mind’s eye. I worried with Edward while Bella was pregnant and felt his anguish when he thought he had lost her. I experienced with Bella her newness at being a vampire and loved, with her, her grace, her beauty and freedom. I fought along side Bella to keep her shield around those whom she loved and couldn’t help but say ‘you go girl’ when she triumphed over both Jane and Alec. I cried when Bella and Edward said ‘farewell’ to their daughter and Jacob and prepared themselves for a fight, where they did not know if either will survive. I rejoiced when Edward was able to hear Bella’s mind. I cried when I closed Breaking Dawn and realized it was finished. It truly is a story about love…plain and simple. A love like that is truly one to look for. I think that is why I love it. Love stretches over everything (nature, science, environment, personalities, time) and makes these two individuals whole, one…I wonder sometimes whether Stephanie Meyer realize what she has written and the impact it has on people, on me.
    So, you can see the difficulty in choosing only one, but if I had to choose, it will have to be Eclipse. I love the way Bella and Edward’s relationship evolve and the way they communicate. I love the fact that Bella truly begins to understand and find her place in her crazy world.

  • Stacy Barker said:

    All love all of the Stephanie Meyer books of the Twilight Saga. I guess my fovorite is either Eclipse or Braking Dawn. You know they are good books if you have troubling deciding which is your favorite. I have read them 3 times already and thinking about a 4th.

  • Angela Vossough said:

    Each of Stephenie Meyer’s books holds a special place for me, however Twilight is probably my favorite of the four in the Twilight Saga. Just as Bella and Edward discovered each other and their love for one another, I discovered the Twilight world and started a journey of my own. Twilight was akin to the “first kiss”. Everything after it was still amazing, but you can never truly recapture those amazing “firsts”.

  • Quinty said:

    If I have to choose witch is very hard to me. I think it will be Breaking dawn. The exitement of reading the last one, and how lovely it ends! And all the vamps, and the bond of Seth with the vampires is just awesome! EVERYTHING is so briljant written by Stephenie I just can’t put it away.

  • Rachel said:

    I love Eclipse…it’s the heigtening of tension in the love triangle.

  • IwanttomeetStephenieplease :) said:

    My favorite book is The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Because it shows you the “bad” vampire’s way.It’s a totally new point of view and it’s good to see it through Bree’s eyes.And it’s also a compassionate book,it has a great plot and a brilliant,very sad though ending.I was also very happy to know a new book is out because that way the twilight saga doesn’t end 😉

  • Leeann said:

    This is a hard choice. They’re all so good. I think I’ll go with Breaking Dawn, only because it’s where it all comes together. Love it. Wish it hadn’t ended there, though.
    Thanks for my chance to win. : )

  • anita said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite because eveything finally comes together. Edward and Bella are happy, married, and jave a kid. Jacob is happy because he has reneesme 😀 and their all friends again <3

  • Karen Fugate said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book would definately be Eclipse. That would be because of all the anitipcation and the irrisistable desire that you anticipate throughout the books finally is complete. The entire time i was reading these books (5 times so far) I’m pleased to find all the action, all the romance and love between Bella and Edward come to a very happy ending. I’m also pleased to find that Jacob gets his much deserved happy ending as well. This by far is my favorite and I also believe as far as movies this will be the best!!! I adore Stephanie Meyer and her witty talent to allow women all over the world to feel young again.

  • Katharina L. said:

    Which book is my favorite book? Well, that’s a good question because I like all books of the Twilight Saga so it’s hard to say. But I’m happy that Stephenie Meyer was writing the special book about Bree. I guess ‘The short second life of Bree Tanner’ is my favorite book. I like Bree so much and it’s a pity that she didn’t survive. But it’s like I said, I like ALL books.

  • Alison said:

    My favorite Stephanie book is probably Eclipse, because I love learning about Jasper and Rosalie’s back stories and seeing the vampires fight. But on my last re-read of New Moon, I really enjoyed that one. I also love the Italy scenes.

  • Emily said:

    I’m sure the most popular answer but my favourite is Twilight. There is something truly magical about it, it was based on a dream and not expected to be a huge hit. As we know it brought us the greatest couple since Romeo and Juliet and set the world on fire – it also is the only one in the series that could stand on its own.

  • emma said:

    My favorite is eclipse, because we get the back stories. Jasper is my favorite character so it kinda obvious that it’s my favorite book since we get to read his story. I also love that we get to know why rosalie is the way she is.
    So eclipse is my favorite book, but not all the time. All of them are my favorie book, depending on wich one im reading. Right now im reading twilight again, and it reminds me of how much I love these book. And the thing I love the most about these books is feeling you get when you read them, it’s the best feeling in the world :)

  • Jessica Hooper said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be ” Breaking Dawn” It’s the biggest of the 4 books and it’s packed with the most suspense, action, plot twists abd changes!

  • Lisa P said:

    I believe I would have to gauge my favorite Stephanie Meyer book based on how many times I’ve read it. Never in my life did I ever think I would read a thick book more than once. Getting lost in a book and forgetting reality for a while is my brand of heroine for sure! I have read Breaking Dawn the most with New Moon as a close second. New Moon is an emotional ride that would have me putting the book down every once in a while because I couldn’t take the pain. But the fact that a book could make me feel so much is just genius. Breaking Dawn has been read the most because of all the different stories inside that I find so fascinating and alluring. It’s an exciting ride with a happy ending for our main characters.

  • Gina said:

    My favorite is Eclipse. Some of my favorite lines-and favorite scenes-are in that book. We’ve got the proposal, graduation, the “kidnapping,” etc. Also, Bella really understands for the first time the weight of her choices. Gotta love Eclipse!!

  • kerry said:

    My favorite book by SM is The Host followed very closely by Breaking Dawn. It is actually very difficult to pick which one is my favorite. The way she puts the small details into very scene makes you feel like you are living the stories. She also develops the characters so much that you wish you had them as your friends and family. It is hard to think that it is just stories and not real life.

  • Christina McTeer said:

    I love the Twilight series. I started out as one of those people who was not going to get dragged into the whole Twilight obsession. After watching Twilight late at night while I was trying to go to sleep, I found myself so engaged by the movie I knew I had to read the books, and I did all of them. I was sad that they were done. Thses wonderful Characters had no more story to tell. Then Stephanie came out with The Short Second life of Bree Tanner. I was once again happy to read something that had these wonderful characters in it. I loved that I was able to see things from a different person’s perspective.

  • Jennifer Strand said:

    Picking my favorite Stephenie Meyer book is a little difficult, but I gotta go with TWILIGHT. It’s still so much fun to go back and read the beginnings of Edward and Bella’s relationship. Plus, no other book has EVER pulled me in like that book. It’s sentimental value is priceless.

  • grace said:

    My favourite book is breaking dawn!Because all things go in their place!At the end we have no more pain..for the antagonist and for the protagonist..and we meet a lot of new carachters every one with a unique history and i have loved it!every one of them is part now of my life!Thanks steph!

  • Bea said:

    Eclipse… but there’s that little unpublished excerpt that I would stand in line for hours at a midnight release for if she ever gets to finishing it.

  • Kylie;) said:

    My favorite stephine Meyer book is breaking dawn because bella becomes a vampire and u get to read from jacob’s point of view. I love all her books to be honest but breaking dawn is my favorite! I hope she writes more of the twilight city. I love her!!!!

  • Amy said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I felt that book proved to be a fitting close to the series because everything worked out well for all of the characters, and the Volturi were exposed for the selfish dictators they are.

  • ashley morris said:

    hi .
    its really hard to have to choose a favorite but id have to say i liked breaking dawn becuse it the tension weve all been waiting for its bella & edwards first it romance griping . i haven had the chance to read breetanner yet but i heard it really good & cant wait. thank you for this chance at winnig .goodluck everyone & have a good day. :)

  • christine said:

    I love all the Twilight Saga books I started with Twilight and read all of them in a few days, but my favorite book written by Stephenie Meyer is Host. I like the book the best because I like how Wanda wants and needs how she moves from one way of looking like hating and fear to loving and needing thier the love of the humans. Its a great story to show that when we hate if we take a moment to learn about that which we hate love and understanding will replace that which we hate.

  • Lucinda said:

    Breaking Dawn is definitely my favorite! The wedding, the island, the feathers, the surprise bun in the oven 😉 Most of all though, finally happiness for Jake. While I always knew that Bella belonged with Edward, through the first books I longed for Jake to find his other half too. And lets not forget that we finally get to see Bella reach her full potential, which could only happen if she became a vampire =)Can’t wait for the movie…

  • Kristy Harvell said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I love everything that happens for Bella. She marries her soul mate, has a child, becomes part of the world she belongs to, makes things right with Jacob, finds out how powerful she is and ends on a happy high. I am now reading The Host and I am really digging it, can’t wait to see the movie :).

  • Gabrielle Medeiros said:

    Dudes!! What lovely initiative to share a little joy about met Stephenie Meyer, thank you for the opportunity.

    Well .. I love the book Eclipse. We can see another side of the characters, learn new stories (such as Jasper, Rosalie … more about the Quileute legends …) is fantastic, pure magic! It’s my favorite book.

    But I should add that after reading Bree Tanner, everything became more clear on Eclipse. It is a wonderful complement! The two books that should be read together, one completes the other, perfect for let us know all the details of the story.

    Hugs from Brazil, we vibrate a lot when we heard that you were going to meet with the Step! What pride!!

    Twitter: @___gabis

  • MaríaT said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse, made me laugh and also mourn. Although I like all the books, but this is special for me.

  • Tiffany said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn and Eclipse is a very close second. I love the action scene’s in them.

  • abby said:

    My favorite book in the series is Breaking Dawn, It showed how Edward and Bella decided to fight for the love they must not have. It showed how two extra ordinary creatures defied time and the rules of their worlds. Although all of the books are great, breaking Dawn caught my heart because it catered different views and philosophies of the other vampires, other people and other werewolf.. Some just wanted to live in peace, some just wanted love while others want power.This book marked the words LOVE and FOREVER in my heart and mind.

  • Emily said:

    The first in the series, Twilight, is my favourite because I’d never read any book like this before, and, as my sister owned the book, she wouldn’t let me read it till about a year after she read it. It was because of this that I wanted to read it so much, because it was like a treat.

    But the idea that a character that is typically displayed as evil can actually go against it’s nature to retain a part of the mortality it once had, is, to me, inspiring. And that as well as what that creature is already doing which is incredibly hard in itself, it decides to add to this the burden of being with someone that add to that a new burden, while acknowledging that if it is unable to resist the blood lust will cause it unbearable pain.

    I think that Stephanie Meyer should be in the ranks of Shakespeare for coming up with this amazing masterpiece.

  • Lorraine said:

    Breaking Dawn has always been my favorite Stephenie Meyer book. Each book she has written so far rank high among my favorites, but Breaking Dawn is my absolute favorite. I just love the way the story turns out. The way everything else that happens along the course of the four books comes together in this story; it makes everything Bella and Edward have gone worth all the heart ache. I just love this book. Thanks :)

  • Wade said:

    I would have to say that Twilight was my favorite book. That introduction to this universe was really cool – all the unknowns. And the re-imagining Stephanie did with regard to what strengths and weaknesses vampires have was what made it fresh and fun. I think the most compelling reason I liked Twilight, is that she posted drafts of its companion book “Midnight Sun” which showed the same story from Edward’s perspective. Being able to go back and read that – as incomplete as it (sadly) was, made Twilight that much cooler.

  • heather said:

    i love every stephenie meyer book. she is a great writer and i so cant wait until she writes something else. i never liked reading books until i read twilight. i feel in love with reading her books then. ive also read the Host. she did a great job on that one. of corse ive read all the twilight books more than once and bree tanner was amazing. i just want to say thank you to steph for geting me to like reading because if it wasnt for her i would have never picked up a book and enjoyed it the way i do now.

  • Amy Walker said:

    My favorite SM book is Eclipse. The suspense is fabulous and the love triangle is at its hottest!


  • Linda said:

    My favorite book? Do I have to choose, because that is just impossible! But if I really have to choose I think Eclipse would be my favorite book. It’s love triangle at its best! Bella having to choose between Edward and Jacob and how she hopes to keep both of them in her world. It’s really captivating. And of course, the proposal scene in the book! My absolute favorite, but what can I say! I’m an absolute sucker for true love. And Bella’s true love will always be Edward!

  • JENA ROWLAND said:

    I love all of Stephenie Meyer books including the Host,but my favorite is Breaking Dawn.I love the wedding,the fact that Bella not only becomes a vampire but with such amazing powers.I love knowing Jacob will forever be in her life with Renesme.My only wish is for her to continue the series.

  • Melissa said:

    My favourite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn, because it shows the outcome of Bella’s choice which everyone who had read the books is dying to find out, I love the idea of Bella’s character she’s not so complexed like normal characters and when I read Breaking Dawn I couldn’t put it down, I love books that are so addictive that it’s impossible to put them down. Breaking Dawn is my favourite book of all time. I don’t think anyone can write as inspiring and outstanding as Stephanie Meyer does. Xx

  • Kelsey said:

    My favorite is Eclipse. I love the hunt for Victoria and the looming danger of a vampire army created to destroy the Cullens. I also love how Bella’s decision is so painfully hard in this book. Here she finally admits her feelings for Jake. The plot and suspense in Eclipse is crazy good.

  • Jessica Michael said:

    My favorite book is probably Twilight. It’s what made me fall in love with the whole series. The purity of her writing was just amazing, bravo to someone who didn’t feel she needed to put trash into her books to get readers.

  • S. Arthur said:

    My favorite book is Twilight by far. Not that the others aren’t wonderful (because they are) but Twilight seems to awaken in me that giddy feeling of first love and it has this amazing ability to make me feel really young again (which is something I need sometimes when my 4 year-old keeps me up all night and I really feel my age). I have read the books, seen the movies and as a professional fine artist, I also listen to the series on Ebooks in my studio when I am painting. There is something about the way Meyer writes that is so similar to an artist putting paint on canvas. Her work is so visual, it paints itself alive.

  • Stefanie said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be Breaking Dawn. Just because is te culmination of this amazing series. We finally get to see Full time Cullen adventures, Bella being badas* and of course the most romantic moments between Bella and Edward! So yes Breaking Dawn for me.

  • Ottomaniac said:

    The first book “Twilight” would win as my favorite because it was given to me by my youngest daughter during a time in our lives when we experienced extreme loss and emotional upheaval. From the intro, it allowed me to take a break from my own reality and focus on an alternate world of love, suspense and adventure. I thank my baby girl everyday for turning me into a true Twilight Mom!

  • Stephanie said:

    I know it’s not usually a fan favorite, but New Moon is my pick because she so accurately and forcefully shows us Bella’s depression. Plus, it takes guts and talent to send away one of your main characters for almost an entire book! She’s brilliant!

  • Jessica said:

    I love all of Stephenie’s books so it’s hard to just pick 1. I can’t wait until she adds more books to The Host but if I had to pick w book as my favorite it would have to be Twilight. It’s the book that started it all,the first time you get to meet all of these characters and fall in love with them. Without this wonderful dream of a book we’d have never known of any of these characters. I may be obsessed with this Saga but I’m glad to live in a world where it exists. I honestly can’t imagine a world without the Twilight Saga anymore so from the bottom of my heart,THANK YOU STEPHENIE MEYER!!

  • Jennifer said:

    Twilight of course! The first book is what ignited my love for vampires. Up until then I thought they were pretty boring but not anymore. After reading the Twilight series I went on to read other books on vampires and supernatural beings.

  • stephanie said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn for several reasons. First Edward and Bella get married and have a sexy honeymoon. Second is the relationship between Edward and Jacob becomes more complex and they come to the conclusion that Bella needs them both in her life. Jacob becomes a very important part to her survival though the pregnancy and birth. Then Jacob becomes “family” when he imprints on Renesme and a very important part of Bella’s happiness because he shows her she can keep the ties to her family after she becomes a vampire. I was so happy that in BD Jacob got a happy ending.

    Stephenie did a great job of tying all the events that happened in the prior books in BD. By the end all my questions had been answered. The only thing I still wanted was more Jacob and Nessie and Edward’s POV of the imprinting relationship from a fathers perpective.

  • K said:

    That is totally easy for me…Its Breaking Dawn, and the funny thing is it wasn’t in the beginning, but as time went by I think I ended up reading it at least 6x. I just loved it, especially after Bella turned. It feels like you are reading 3-4 stories all simultaneously!

  • Desiree Johnson said:

    Would love to win it. I havent read it yet.

  • Sandy said:

    I love all her books but my favorite is Eclipse, and The Short Life of Bree Tanner. Bella finally makes a choice and grows up a lot in Eclipse. I like the back story of Bree Tanner because it explains why Edward reacts they way he does and why Bree didn’t run away or fight. It is nice to have these side stories to fill in the blanks and complete the picture.

  • Gina Lang said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I really love how Bella has developed in this book. You see go from the high kid to a young woman who is on the brink of a huge life change with marriage then pregnancy to then the final life change to a vampire. It just amazing to me to read all the changes and how beautifully they flow together.

    The other reason I love this book is because the climax isn’t Bellas life per se its what happens with the whole Cullen family & the wolve pack. The book encompassess all the lives that are touches by Bella and that she is touched by. It is an azaming piece of work & I really enjoy reading over and over again.

  • Shannon said:

    My favorite book is Twilight because it’s where the saga begins.

  • Jen Gambale said:

    It’s a little hard to say for me which book is my favorite because I’m tied between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. I love Twilight because that’s where it all starts, where Bella and Edward meet, where the romance builds up and where all the things that happen in the sequels are set in motion. And I love Breaking Dawn because throughout the series, I was always so curious when Bella will be a vampire and how that experience is for her. That’s also the reason why I’m most looking forward to the last movie, to finally see her as a vampire. I also love Renesmee which I think is a very pretty name, even though it’s very unusual. I know a lot of people don’t like Renesmee and that Jake imprinted on her but for me, it somehow made a lot of sense and I love their relationship. I also don’t think that Breaking Dawn is the end. I rather see the series as a prologue because I think the end of Breaking Dawn really is the actual beginning of their real story, their story of their “forever”. :)

  • Lisa said:

    I love all of Stephenie Meyer’s books. Out of the Twilight series I would have to say my favorite is Eclipse. I love how the wolves and the vamps begin to work together despite their differences. I also really enjoyed reading the inner turmoil Bella was experiencing regarding her future. Outside of the Twilight series I LOVED The Host. It was awesome!!

  • Kirsty Mac Coll said:

    Well, I have read all the “Twilight” series books and am interested in this book to see how it all fits together :)

  • Cat said:

    My favourite book is Breaking Dawn, I think it is the best of the Twilight series and the best book Stephenie Meyer has written. It is the book where all of the first three come together, it is the culmination of Bella and Edward’s love in their marriage, honeymoon and baby Renesmee. It is so full of emotion, and the description of the world once Bella becomes a vampire is amazing! I always cry at the ending when everyone thinks they have to say goodbye, you really get a sense of the relationships between the characters and how much each partner loves each other. I think it was a great ending to the series and it is my favourite book.

  • Stacie Steele said:

    I would have to say that Twilight is my favorite book in the series. I love it because it’s introducing them and all these new emotions. It lets us live through that new first love feeling again.

  • Nicola said:

    My favorite book is Twilight (I must have read it a dozen times!!)
    Its so seductive and makes my heart race every time 😀
    I think I’ll still be rereading it in 10/20/30 years time x

  • Sue said:

    My favorite Twilight book changes with my mood! Right now it is New Moon because of the connection with Jacob. It was terrific to see his character develop and for Bella to have that natural connection with someone.

  • Matthew said:

    I’ll keep this shot, simple and to the point. Less for you to read that way! 😉
    My favorite book by Stephanie is Breaking Dawn, specifically Jacob’s section. He’s my favorite character and getting the chance to see things from his perspective was awesome. Not to mention he act’s pretty much like me! 😀

  • Reeti Shah said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer novel would be a hard pick, since I love all of them, but it would have to be TWILIGHT….there’s something magical about the whole setting and it’s the book that made me fall in love with Edward,Bella and the characters in the first place. The fling is akin to your first kiss, or first love- the book blew my mind amd my heart has been in Forks ever since. :)

    I gotta say guys..this is a generous giveaway and I’d LOVEE to win this…I’m from India and don’t have a single Stephenie meyer signed item, so such contests make me happy.

  • Elizabeth said:

    My favorite book I think would have to be Twilight. It is so hard to choose..but I think just the fact that this is the first book..and it sets the stage for all the others makes it the best. It’s where you get to meet the characters for the first time and learn about them fresh from Stephenie Meyer. She is an amazing writer..she took this very non-reader and turned me into Twilight Junkie immediately!! :) I do love all the books and have read them all so many times. I would be honored to have a signed book by such a fabulous writer and woman!

  • Sarah P. said:

    I love all of Stephenie’s books but especially Eclipse. I really enjoyed reading about the background of Jasper and Rosalie’s characters, it really made me like Rosalie much better.

    The Host is a great read too. It was so hard to put it down. I love how Stephenie develops the characters in her writing. They seem so real and relatable.

  • Clarissa said:

    I really love the Twilight books. It is very hard for me to choose between Twilight and Breaking Dawn to be my absolute favorite. I Love Twilight because that is where it all began in the story. I love how Edward and Bella fell in love and in Breaking Dawn how much their love grew and how special that really is. I also really liked The Host and the short second life of Bree Tanner.

  • Magda said:

    Hi!Thanks for this oportunity!
    My favourite Stephenie Meyer´s book is “Twilight”(the whole series is awesome,but first one is special).It has changed my life and I´ll never be able to do enough to thank Stephenie.

  • Stephanie Gattman said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. It has romance and action.
    Thanks for the chance to try and win the book.

  • Donna Sage said:

    After reading Bree’s story it really made a lot more clear. Thank you for writing such a wonderful series.

  • Patricia said:

    My favourite book is Eclipse, because it has more action and you can actually see the love of Edward and Jacob for Bella. My Favourite part in the book is when Jacob and Bella kiss each other and they feel that passion that you can feel it too.
    I hope winning but I wish the best for the winner.

  • Zahra Chaudhary said:

    My favorite book of Stephenie Meyer’s is The Host. It is one of the first Sci-fi books I have read and I found it to be amazing! It has romance, action and mystery. All of my favorite genres. 😉

  • Amy Hedges said:

    What an awesome contest! I loved reading Bree Tanner, such a great addition to an amazing series!

  • Michelle said:

    My favorite book of the Twilight series is New Moon, which is funny because I’m totally Team Edward. I feel like it’s the deepest and most moving of all of the books and by far the most painful. Edward was gone for most of the book which had to happen. It was a necessity that he try everything he could to give her a normal life. Just thinking of it makes me sad.

    Great book!

  • Amber said:

    My favorite book by far is Eclipse. It’s where Bella finds out what she truly wants and is faced with two totally different options. The safe option or the one she’s deeply in love with.

  • Michele Tharp said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite. It was so cool to read the way that everybody worked together as a whole even though we from different places. I wish the world would learn something from this book.

  • Verna Sanders said:

    My favorite book has to be Twilight. This was the beginning.This was the start of something neither had felt before. The characters just came alive for me. I can read Twilight, well all of the books, over and over and I never get tired of it. Each time I read it something new stands out for me and I get that aha moment and I think yes that makes more sense to me now.I love Stephenie’s way of writing. I’ve read The Host too and couldn’t put it down.

  • Andrea D said:

    My favorite book has to be Eclipse. I just love the banter between Jacob and Edward!

  • Kelsey Williams said:

    My favorite SM book is definitely TWILIGHT. I just remember hearing about it and thinking “what the heck”. And once I read, literally, the first page I couldn’t put it down! I love her style of writing and it’s amazing that she came up with this great story from a dream!

  • ~Denise~ said:

    The innocents and awkwardness of the first love in high school was so accurately described and therefore relived while reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I love the series, but Twilight got me hooked and therefore gets my vote for best book.

  • Paige said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. I like it because it has tension, romance, action and a good cliff hanger for the next book, Breaking Dawn. Thanks! ~ Paige

  • Azlina said:

    To determine which book is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book is very hard. I have read each and every one of The Twilight Saga series a few times. As much as I love the ending in Breaking Dawn (can’t get enough), I would say Twilight is my favorite. It is the one which introduced me to the world of twilight and drowned myself (in a good way) in Edward and Bella’s love which is intoxicating. Until today, I am hooked!

    Thank you for this opportunity to win even I am not in US. At least I get a chance to try and win something all the way from Malaysia! :)

  • Pam said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. Bella finally gets a chance to show what she is made of. She is finally able to show that she is just as important to the Cullen family as everyone else is.

  • Andrea said:

    My favorite SM book is Twilight. I love all the books, but Twilight holds a special place for me because it was the first. I read it, even though I didn’t want to, because my mom kept telling me that I needed to read it (I was about 35 at the time). I had no idea what it was about and started reading with a bit of a grudge. My bad attitude melted quickly and I fell in love!

  • Irene Platt said:

    Hello! I would LOVE to win this! My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I love the romance, and the deep concern Edward has for Bella when she’s pregnant. I love that Edward and Bella have a little family with Renesme. And I love that the book has a happy ending. Who could ask for more?!

    My email is IreneJoy820@gmail.com

    Hope I win!!!! :)

  • Serenity K. said:

    My favorite SM book has to be Breaking Dawn. It’s both romantic and terrifying. Not to mention it’s the only book in the series that madee cry. I’d love to win an autographed copy of Bree Tanner!

  • Ashley said:

    my favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. I love the emotion between the characters. Twilight is one of those books that you come across once in a lifetime that you can read a million times and never tire of it, catch some small nuance you didn’t the last time or come up with another theory about this character or why a situation is the way it is. Twilight is a beautifully written novel and I can’t wait for my three daughters to read the series!!!!

  • Cornelia said:


    My favorite is “Breaking Dawn”, becuse I just love everything that happens! It’s so much going on, but still it ends the saga in a perfect way (even if it’s the most saddest becuse it’s the end :( )! And I love that Edward and Bella’s relationship becomes “real”, becuse it’s getting so loving, both on Isle Esme and after Bella’s transformation! And who don’t love Reneesme?! 😀

    Hope you can ship to Sweden 😀

    Lots of love from Sweden’s biggest Twilight fan 😉

  • Cheryl P. said:

    My favorite SM book is Twilight. It is where we learn what Edward and the rest of the Cullens are. I also love the way that Bella is so in love with Edward, she just doesn’t care about what he is. I could read that book over and over!

  • sher tagnet said:

    This would be such a treat to win!!! Love the whole series!!

  • Mandy said:

    My favorite book is definitely The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I love the back story of Bree and Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job filling in anything you could want to know about Bree. I absolutely loved Diego and Bree’s relationship. I thought that Fred was FANTASTIC! It made me so happy to know a little bit about what happened to Bree before she was killed. I laughed reading this book, I cried, and I got frustrated when I saw the Volturi were collaborating with Victoria. I love reading back stories and that is what this book was! It was incredible!

  • elena said:

    Hard to choose!! but.. i would have to say that I enjoyed the most Breaking Dawn! i love it because it concludes everything.. love, drama, action, all together in an amazing story which was in my mind for days after i read it.. exactly what i expected. just perfect! 😉

  • Charlotte Gough said:

    my fave is breaking dawn. I just love the fact that Bella is sooo happy with her new life. I also love that Jacob gets his happy ending too. plus Edward finally gets his kit off! I didn’t want it to end.

  • Lisa Ann said:

    Eclipse, my favorite book has to be Eclipse. The romantic tone of the book, paired with Jacob’s heartbreaking realization that Bell really does belong with Edward, while everyone is fighting to save her life. Eclipse is funny, heroic, dramatic, and most of all romantic. Now who doesn’t love that?

  • Chris B said:

    Twilight will always be my favorite! I love the developing attraction between Edward and Bella.

  • Samantha Wragg said:

    It was always Twilight. But I have to say that Breaking Dawn has topped it for me. I have read it 5 times in 6 months and every time I do it’s like I’m reading it for the first time. I’m always discovering new things and angles that I hadn’t thought of before. Stephanie certainly saved the best till last. I love that she made Bella more self aware, stronger and the relationship between Bella and Edward realistic and that it echoed a normal human to human relationship with the struggles of marriage and two souls growing and changing together. I was worried she would make it too perfect. So I take my hat of to Stephanie for not laying false pretences to her younger readers that intense relationships are hard work as you grow as an individual.

  • Robin said:

    My favorite book from Stephenie Meyer is a toss up between New Moon, Eclipse and The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner.

    New Moon because of all the heartbreak, love and friendship. That triangle is so good, you just know that something good will come out of it, someday.

    Then there is Eclipse. What can I say? Eclipse is where you really see Bella’s world coming together (at least I do).

    Bree Tanner is just, awesome! I love that Stephenie took us into the vampire world with Bree. To ‘see’ things from Bree’s eyes was a wonderful experience. I do wish that Stephenie would have let Bree live, she would have made the perfect ‘Cullen’ vampire, just like Bella.

  • Christine Langager said:

    My favorite book is probably Breaking Dawn. I love that they get to realize their love and as a mother myself, I can relate to the love Bella and Edward share for their child. I also love that the book is so long and I get to hang out with the characters for more time!

  • Amy said:

    If I had to single one out it would be Breaking Dawn. I like how everyone comes together & stands up for what they think is right.

  • Dawn B. said:

    My fave Twilight Saga book is “Breaking Dawn”. I love them all! Well, love isn’t quite the right word……I’m totally obsessed with each and every one of them (according to my family). But, “Breaking Dawn” is the only book in the series with a happy ending for everyone we’ve come to care for so deeply. And, like Aro, I do love a happy ending – they are so rare!

  • SagaDevotee (stefanie) said:

    I love the entire saga…Twilight is the best, it started it all but Eclipse is my favorite. It’s the most romantic and the funniest. I love Eclipse the most. Thanks!

  • Courtney said:

    My favorite book of the series has to be Breaking Dawn. I especially like the “after” part when Bella can finally take care of herself and Edward isn’t always worried about killing her! They have such a great romance and I feel like it can finally be played out fully when the human element is removed.

  • Michelene said:

    My favorite book is Twilight. I love the discovery of the true love. Edward goes through such a transformation in the book from rarely interacting with humans to finding the love that changes his entire being. The choices he grapples with and the love that he ends up receiving still fill my heart every time I read it.

  • Lin said:

    OMG – I love all the books. But I’ve got to say Twilight set me on the path to loving this series so much. Thanks Steph!

  • Cori B. said:

    It is so hard to choose just one favorite Stephenie Meyer book. New Moon is my favorite from the entire Twilight Saga. I love how Ms. Meyer captured Bella’s heartache and loss of Edward leaving. New Moon is so emotional, you can feel Bella’s depression. However, Breaking Dawn would have to be my next favorite on a complete opposite note. The emotion in Breaking Dawn skyrockets you into varying levels of euphoria. But, I also have to pay respect to the book that started the whole amazing love story between Bella and Edward, Twilight. Without Twilight, there would be no Twilight universe to get wrapped up in. Thank you to Stephenie Meyer for writing such an endearing love story!

  • Cheryl said:

    I loved Eclipse because of all the drama in the book. Some of my favorite parts of the book were missing in the film which is unfortunate. For ex: Alice kidnapping Bella, Bella being tailed by Edward, Edward being mad up in her bedroom and she doesn’t want to face him and also when she pulls to the side of the road crying after seeing Jacob and Edward shows up just to hold her. Sigh…………
    Please I would love the copy to read also…can you believe that I still haven’t read it?
    Thank you,

  • angeline said:

    I’m a twilight fans from indonesia. The place where I live is just like a village or something. A small city. And I can’t get any twilight books here. I read them all from the internet, through others blogs that post those twilight books. It’s so tiring that my eyes have to lock on the computer to read, but it never stopped me! I’m truly addicted to them. Four of them. And I don’t get a chance to read bree tanner. So please, I hope I can have it. Sincerely. And of course, I’m team edward. And edward just stand a small part in New Moon, but my favourite novel is still New Moon. Because in New Moon, it shows how much edward’s love for bella. Especially when he knew she was still alive. In chaptet 23, the truth, it was so touching, when edward told bella the real reason that he left her. Those words! When he described how his world was without bella. A moonless night, and if bella left, there would be no points of reason anymore. How I wish I have a guy like edward. But team twilight forever. Wish I can have a chance to read bree. Still thanks for giving me a chance to join this contest. It’s not just for US residents, but it’s for people all over the world. Thanks so much! Pardon me if my English is not so good.:)

  • Kimberly said:

    I loved Eclipse the best because finally it is all out and in the open. Jealously, Love, Commitment, Betrayal, and joining forces.

  • Dorothy said:

    Twilight is my favorite book. It is where you get introduced to the characters & really get to know them. This is what leads you to fall in love with them.

  • Joy said:

    I would have to say Breaking Dawn because I loved it when Bella was doing everything to save her daughter and then seeing Bella discover that she could save them all against the Volturi. Knowing that everything was as it was ment to be.

  • missy said:

    It’s so hard to pick one. I was also a doubter but gave in and watched the first movie this spring. I instantly understood what all of the hype was about. First, I borrowed the books from a friend and checked out of my life for a week to read them. My husband thinks I am insane and he is probably right!

    As important and compelling as the love between Bella and Edward is, I have found myself more drawn to how she was instantly welcomed into his family.

    As much as I love Eclipse for some of the funnier parts of the series, my choice is Breaking Dawn. I love a happy ending!

  • Christy S. said:

    My favorite book is New Moon. Oh the torment that Bella goes through. I found myself crying with her. Feeling like a hole was inside me as well. And in Twilight, I didnt really like Jacob. But how he was there for her in this book, I grew to love him for that.
    And then the suspense in Italy. The cruelty of the Volturi! Jane and her evil ways. All of that made this book so exciting for me to read. I read it in 2 days.
    I loved how Edward was hurting just as bad as Bella. And they reunited. Man what an awesome book. I love Stephanie Meyer. And I thank her for these terrific books that helped me find my inner youth and my romance with my husband.

  • Carrie said:

    As the mother of a teenager Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the series. It really shows Bella coming into her own and maturing from a lovestruck teenager to a woman that can handle all of the obstacles that life throws at her. In the end she handles them with as much thought and grace of someone that has lived and experienced so much more.

  • wendy watkins said:

    Id love to win this book. I am a huge fan of the saga!!

  • Jen said:

    Twilight would definitely be my fave Stephenie Meyer book. It’s where my obsession began, it will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Lisa said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I love the book because it litterally took me on a rollercoasterride of emotions! At first I didn’t like it because of the way Bellas Pregnancy turned around the entire dynamics of the people around Bella. Suddenly Alice wasn’t there as much but Rosalie became a main character, and it happened more than once that I hated what Edward was doing and was totally loving how Jacob reacted! And before Breaking Dawn I had been 100000000000000000000000 % Team Edward! But when Jacob stepped up and became Alpha I started loving the book more and more! I loved how Jacobs decission gave not only him but also Seth and Leah a way out of their situations and those two had been my favourite wolves anyway! And the imprint plot shocked me at first but then it all made sense and I loved Bellas reaction to Jacob imprinting!
    I could continue on and on about what I loved about Breaking Dawn but then I’d still be here next year! So that’s it for now!
    greetings from germany!

  • Kiz Leppert said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is “Eclipse.” I love the emotions that are packed into it. Everyone has a part to play: from all the of the Cullens, to Leah, to Charlie, to Renee, everyone. Although it is through Bella’s eyes that we ‘witness’ the story, we get a glimpse into everyone’s hearts.

  • anne said:

    My favorite is Twilight. It was the book that hooked me on the series, and I have read it over and over, and it is always just as good as it was the first time.

  • Joannie said:

    If I had 2 choose one then i guess I would pick breaking dawn beacause of the twist and turns, up and downs.

  • sarah m said:

    I Still LOVE TWILIGHT the most of all Stephenie’s books. I love when Bella and Edward first meet!!!!

  • Cathie said:

    I love the first book of the series the most. Twilight just captures it all so well with the mystery, myth, and magic of young love. It’s definately my favorite.


  • Jessica said:

    I was one of those who read twilight right around when it came out. So waiting for each book to come out add to the excitement of reading them. When new moon came out more knew about it, when eclipse came out even more knew and waiting at the book store at 12am to buy breaking dawn, the amount of people showed how popular the books were coming. My favorite of the twilight saga was breaking dawn. It was different then the firsts and it seems very deep in what was going on. And I loved the waiting for it. It’s was like a party at the store and just maybe the breaking dawn.experience more intense!!! Now my next goal it to.go to a premiere :)

  • Jennifer H. said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is Twilight, the first and original book that began the whole series, movies and crazy phenomenon. I like this book best because it sets up the main characters and begins a beautiful jouney into the lives and interaction of a human and vampire and the romantic love story between them. It is the book that draws you in and keeps you reading….creating the rest of the stories we’ve all come to love.

  • Linsey said:

    My favorite book is Twilight. I had a friend who had raved about the twilight series for months to me, and I didn’t have much interest in becoming a “twilight fanatic.” But with pictures and trailers coming out for the first movie I was starting to get worn down. It looked interesting, and as I’m an avid reader, I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. So I caved and bought Twilight. I read it in less than 24 hours I think. And I immediately borrowed the other three so that I wouldn’t have to stop between each book. Twilight is a wonderful story. I love the characters and how they pull you into the storyline and make you feel like you’re involved. Not only that, but I hadn’t been reading quite as much as I normally do at that time, so it set me into a reading frenzy. Now I read everything I can get my hands on. Even re-reading books I read in high school to gain new perspectives and see them from a different angle. Thanks Stephenie Meyer!

  • Debbi said:

    I love Stephenie’s writing. The way she weaves her characters & stories is just fabulous. Of the Twilight Saga, my favorite book is definitely Eclipse. (& I love that she chose to publish Bree Tanner & give a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross.) However, my favorite published work of Stephenie’s is The Host. I just adore Ian. :) To those Twilight Saga fans who have not read it yet – do it! The story is very different from the Saga, but wonderful in it’s own right. It may feel a little slow to start but it picks up & it’s so very worth it in the end. I sincerely hope she chooses to write & publish a sequel. (Also looking forward to the movie adaptation!)

  • BreAnne Lee said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn (really the whole Twilight Saga). The way she captures Edward and Bella’s relationship (both physical and emotional) without being corny or cheesy or lewd. Their trials and tribulations feel like your own as you are reading, and it is nearly impossible to stop reading it once you start it. Her creativity with Renesmee is awe inspiring, and the way she tied all the characters together to make everyone happy was amazing.

  • Kimberly said:

    My favorite is eclipse i love the tent scene in i think it really focuses on the trio more then the other books.

  • Hannah T said:

    I love all of th Twilight books but my favourite has to be Eclipse. This is because there is more action in these than in the others and this is also my favourite film out of the three. Bella finally agrees to marry Edward and they become much closer.

  • Deanna said:

    Twilight is probably my favorite book. Because everything is new, the emotions feel even more raw; feeling is still the primary focus. There are other characters and other plot lines, but Edward and Bella coming together for the first time is the one in the foreground.

  • Tricia said:

    Twilight is my favorite book because I can vividly remember wandering through a bookstore (while I was on vacation in Indiana) and the cover catching my eye. It introduced me to one of my favorite worlds to delve into.

  • Samantha H said:

    My Favorate book in the series is Eclipse. this book has so much action that i can see it come to life in my mind. i love when Rose tells her story of her life. it just tells us how she feels and why she is bitter. when bitter rivals join together to save a person they both love is just amazing. Plus jasper is a texan just like my dad.

  • Samantha H said:

  • Lisa said:

    Does Midnight Sun count? Even though it’s not a completed book I love Edwards point of view. You get to know and understand the reasons behind his behavior and the choices he makes. Also because the Dining Room scene is one of my favorites throughout the series, only second behind Renesmee’s birth and Bella’s transformation. I don’t think I have ever looked more forward to reading a completed book as much as this one.
    If I can’t pick Midnight Sun then it would be Breaking Dawn. I enjoyed getting Jacob’s view, the wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, birth, transformation then finally a happy ending. Not much more you could want in a book.

  • Christine Connally said:

    That is so tough! It changes from time to time. It would probably be Eclipse. As another person said, if a certain book that shall remain nameless was published, it would be my favorite hands-down. What I have read of it on Stephenie’s website has been fascinating.

  • Anna said:

    My favorite book is “Twilight”. I like it because it’s the very beginning of the relationshipand there struggles to try to make it work even though it seems everything is working aginst them. I love how it’s just and earthing shattering love for both of them. They don’t understand why they just have to be together. I also love how they really want eachother but they both have to hold back.

  • Shannon Q said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is The Host. I love it because it is well written and just maturely written. I love the story it’s so much fun and I am anxiously awaiting the other books.

  • Kellie said:

    My Favorite is Breaking Dawn. I just love how its written and how in depth she did the stories. Its awesome rereading it. I like being able to picture what im reading and this book by far is the most interesting to picture.

  • Sabrina said:

    I would say that my favorite twilight-book is New Moon because a lot of the plot is located in my country; Italy… I’m joking hehe.. A part from that it’s because Bella finally sees ( maybe not finally, but she definetly open her eyes) that beeing with the love of her life is not a easy thing. Choosing Edward is an exciting but dangerous choise. I like the romance twisted with all the tension. And it’s like the readers

  • Lorena said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight because it started everything. :)

  • Sabrina said:

    I would say that my favorite twilight-book is New Moon because a lot of the plot is located in my country; Italy… I’m joking hehe.. A part from that it’s because Bella finally sees ( maybe not finally, but she definetly open her eyes) that beeing with the love of her life is not a easy thing. Choosing Edward is an exciting but dangerous choise. I like the romance twisted with all the tension. And it’s like the readers are in front of this difficult choise and are going to choose too…

  • Jana G said:

    Twilight – Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen is my all-time favorite book. I can’t properly explain why, not in English anyway. Just the idea that a “normal” girl like Bella (whom everybody can identify with) can find true love is nice. I know there are thousands books like that out there, but I like the way she and Edward interact with each other and how they fall in love. Even without watching the movie I could easily imagine all the characters and their world and that’s rare for me. So in short that’s why I love this book.

  • Dee said:

    All of Stephene Meyer’s book are wonderful. I would love to have her autograph.

  • Larissa said:

    For a long time, my favourite book was “Eclipse”. But now, I’m going back to “Twilight”. I love the tension between Edward and Bella before their relationship is established (when Edward is still a significant personal danger to Bella) – my opinion is that he is at his vampire best. :) His vamp-ishness almost takes a backseat in the subsequent books.

  • Jennifer Kezele said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I love the coming together of everything in the end, and the way that Jacob was always going to be tied to Bella, the way Bella’s power has always been a part of her all along. Stephanie did a fantastic job of foreshadowing all of the events in Breaking Dawn, and I loved how they came together. I haven’t had the opportunity to read Bree yet, so it would be a pleasure, and an honor to win.

  • Deidre said:

    Breaking Dawn has to be my favorite. Although it is very hard to chose just one, but Breaking Dawn is where everything comes to fruition that has been building up in the first three books. I loved the way Stephenie handled the details of mature parts, and still conveyed her ideas. I really enjoyed Bella’s transformation, it did not disappoint.

  • Pam said:

    I am a 49-year old…almost 50…TwiMom! Some of the gals in my church small group were going to the Eclipse premier last year and asked me to go. Knowing very little about the movies except for the fact that they were about vampires, I decided to catch up by reading the first two and OMGosh!!! I was hooked!!! After seeing Eclipse I came home and read Breaking Dawn over the weekend. I am an old High School teacher and have not read a book for fun….well ever! I have a new hobby! I got a new iPad for Christmas with several books downloaded (“Water For Elephants” was great!} and was greeted by a life-sized cutout of Edward by my Christmas tree on Christmas morning, courtesy of my wonderful husband. Favorite? Probably Eclipse…hard to decided, but thanks Stephanie for returning the gift of fantasy and reading to a 50 year old Mom!!!!

  • Nikki Carter said:

    The Twilight series as a whole is my favorite. But the best one I have read would be the first in the series where everything was new and fun to read. Couldn’t put it down……

  • Bobbye said:

    I love the entire Twilight saga, but Breaking Dawn is my favorite book. I love reading from Jacob’s point of view and Bella finally becoming a vampire. The plot is so intricate and all the characters are so interesting; it just makes the reader want to learn more and more about all of them.

  • Shawnine said:

    My favorite although she never finished it was
    Midnight sun. Reading what she had so far was great. Edwards perspective was facinating and insightful I wish they would have used more if it in the movie.

  • Natasha Khaleeq said:

    Eclipse because of the dramatic emotional rollercoaster that Bella has to go through when choosing who to be with and the love triangle is intense, and also help fans of the series to make their own choices. The new born army also gives the book a new action packed dynamic which wasn’t experience in the rest of the twilight books. Xx

  • Cynthia Clay said:

    Eclipse is my favortie book by Stephenie Meyer. The relationship between Bella and Edward is at its best. Jacob is trying his best to win Bella over and the relationship between Bella and Edward is so romantic. I would love to win a Stephenie Meyer autograph, I love everything Twilight.

  • Andy said:

    As a guy, my favorite book is Eclipse due to the action. I also like the backstories of Rosalee and Jasper.

  • Lindsay said:

    My fav Stephenie Meyer book is New Moon. Bella’s heartbreak is so tragic and the way it’s written you can definitely feel her pain. I think anyone who’s been through the equivalent (minus the Vampire element) of heartbreak can relate.

  • Camille LB said:

    Hum….My favorite book from Stephenie Meyer ??? This is hard considering they are all awesome. Does Midnight Sun count cause it’s one amazing third of a book that she has written.I loved seeing Edward’s perspective of the story especially since he can reads thoughts and therefore you can see much more of what’s really going on. But it probaOut of the twilight Saga I would defini

  • Camille LB said:

    Woups…But it probably doesn’t coutn so I’m going to pick New Moon. For three reasons: you get to hang out with the pack but also there is the excitement in Volterra. And finally, I love it’s ending. How they finally get together, the proposal, how Edward admits he was couldn’t have handled being without her for much longer. In fact, just talking about it, I think I’m going to read it right now.
    Happy New Year

  • Sita said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book hmmm .. That’s really hard ! I love Twilight, Breaking Dawn and The Host A LOT. But I’ll go with Breaking Dawn because I love that she didn’t pander to the fans she did what she wanted and I thought it was a beautiful ending for beautiful characters.

  • Tracy said:

    My favorite book is Twilight.. its’ where it all BEGAN!

  • Patty Presley said:

    My favorite book of the saga is Eclipse. This is the book that I fell in love with the second I read it. I love everything about the book. I love Rosalie’s point of view and learning why is the way she is. I also like learning about Jasper’s story. The interaction between the Cullens and the wolves is part of what I love of the story, but I also love that you see Bella interacting with the entire Cullen family more in this book. My favorite chapter of the entire saga also happens to occur in this book and that is Chapter 20, Compromise. The proposal is exactly the way I have always dreamed a guy would propose and it just about brings me to tears every time I read it. I’ve read eclipse more times than I can count and when I need something to read, it’s the first thing I reach for! preslep@yahoo.com

  • Tawnya Bentley said:

    Eclipse! Bella really came into her own in this book. Although I don’t like the way Jacob forced Bella to admit her feelings for him I really believe she needed to see that she loved both of them so that she could make an informed decision. I also appreciate the fact that Edward was willing to step back and discover this on her own and admit it was his fault that she turned to Jacob.

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  • michelle said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse because we get to see the stories of Jasper and Rosalie also because It has the proposal and the conclusion of Victoria.

  • Caroline said:

    Twilight because Bella and Edward meet each other for the first time and I like how intense their relationship becomes.

  • Shanna said:

    Well, I don’t know if Midnight Sun officially counts. But it is my favorite. The reason is merely based on how genius Stephenie is. You see, after I’d read Twilight through Breaking Dawn, I’d thought I had Edward figured out. But as I read Midnight Sun, I realized that I was often dead wrong. Like in the hospital when Edward and Bella are fighting, I’d thought that Edward was being an insensitive jerk in Twilight. But in Midnight Sun we see how wrong that thought really is. Edward really didn’t mean anything he was saying; even then he hated hurting Bella. Though many may try to write Twilight fanfiction—and be pretty darn good at it too—no one can truly pull it all off the way Stephenie has. And that is why I love Midnight Sun so much. It’s just great seeing both E and B’s sides of things. And so many times I’ve ended up marveling over how similar they are. Midnight Sun is nice because so far (besides an outtake on Stephenie’s site) we’ve never really gotten into Edward’s head. We’ve seen everything through Bella’s eyes, some through Jacob, but none through Edward’s. Midnight Sun is finally allowing Edward to tell his—somewhat more interesting—story. And it’s a bit sad to me we’ll never see his POV in the movies.

    And I have to admit that another reason I like Midnight Sun so much is because I’m a bit like Edward. Many times I’ve thought I wasn’t good for someone, but loved them all the same. I know about all the different kind of pains that love can wrought and the repercussions it can bring people like Edward. I’m even quite old-fashioned. LOL
    I also tend to keep my thoughts and emotions to myself and even to my friends am a bit of an enigma.

    Maybe that’s another reason why I love MS. In many ways, there’s still not a lot known about Edward. He’s still somewhat mysterious, confusing, guarded, and stubborn at times. One of the first times we really see Edward relaxed and open is the meadow. And even then (since Stephenie hasn’t written that part of MS yet) I’m somewhat confused by his actions.

    Through everything Edward’s been through: guilt, stoic-ness, stubbornness, love, pain, self-sacrifice, and the happily ever after, we’ve never really seen his side of things. And THAT’S why I want MS published someday. And THAT’S why it’s my favorite book of the series.


  • Dawn Stewart said:

    I would love to win this book! My fav is Twilight the original. However I love the whole series! Thanks for writing such wonderful stories!

  • Joleen said:

    My favorite novel is definitely Twilight for one reason…and his name is Edward Cullen.

  • Margie Longiria said:

    I love Twilight because it introduced me to the love of my life, Edward Cullen:)

  • Jennifer M. said:

    I would have to say New Moon or Eclipse. I love New Moon because of the depth of emotion Stephenie put into the book and I loved how she wrote the sweet hearted Jacob into the series:) Eclipse held so much action and gave alot more depth & knowledge of the characters!

    Thanks for the contest!!!

    Jenn M

  • Kiirsi said:

    Even though I love Breaking Dawn, my favorite book has been and always will be Twilight. It’s the beginning of Bella and Edward and I love to see their progression as first “enemies” sort of, then acquaintances, then friends, then first love. It is so romantic and emotional and just plain fun to read.

  • Susan said:

    I would have to say Twilight is my favorite book. I am hoping that Stephenie Meyer will change her mind one day and finish Midnight Sun so that could become my favorite book! I’m sorry…my imagination is not that creative and I need her to finish it for me!

  • Amanda B said:

    Twilight, definitely. It’s the book that started my obsession with the trilogy. It’s where we were first introduced to the word Stephenie created and the characters that we ultimately fell in love with. Can’t be the first in a series!

  • Katrina Sanders said:

    My favorite novel is actually Breaking Dawn, because of out of all of the books, that one is the one that took me on the emotional roller coaster the most, and has the most built into the story (besides tying all of the ends together of books 1-3). It is also the only book that got me to really not like Alice, then really come to love her more than I initially did when she does return!

  • Samantha said:

    What book of Stephanie Meyers is my favorite you ask? Well that would be an unanswerable question! I like ALL the Twilight books! Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn, the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner as well as the little bit of Midnight Sun that is available to read. I have read them ALL more times than I can count! I Read this particular book (the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner) in like a few hours! Stephanie Meyer released these books and changed my life. Everytime I am feeling upset or sad or stressed I resort to one of these books to pull me back to my normal happy self! It kept me from falling into a deep depression awhile back when I had a miscarriage, and for that I am so beyond thankful to her for everything she has done for me by being such a great author! ~*Samantha*~

  • Sara said:

    Would love this book :-)

  • Andrea said:

    I love “Breaking Dawn”! I began writing a YA sci fi about 3 years ago. After reading the whole saga, I was inspired to finish my first book. I’m starting my second this month :)

  • Brandi said:

    My Favorite Book is breaking Dawn, Because almost everything is coming to an end, Lose ends are being tied up, Belle gets to be a vampire like she has always wanted to be.

    Jacob gets his true love, not where he expected it to be. every book of hers i have read has been pure genius. i get hooked by the second page and can not sit it down until it is over and they always leave you wanting more.

  • Savannah said:

    All the twilight book were phenomenal when I heard Bree Tanner was coming out i was dyeing to read it when I finally got my hands on it it did not disappoint it would be amazing if I could get a autographed copy!!!!

  • Kristi Bathrick said:

    It is so hard to say which book I like best since I love them all! I guess I would have to choose Twilight since it began the best series ever!

  • Jennifer Turner said:

    Wow, what a giveaway! I’d have to say my favorite book that Stephanie Meyer wrote was Breaking Dawn, there were alot of HUGE suprises that really took me for a loop..I love the detail she puts into all her books, but this one was remarkable to me.. It was really good to finally be able to see Bella get married, go through her pregnancy and finally turn into a vampire..we had been waiting so long and i was completely satisfied by the end of the series. Although i always wish for the series to continue, it’s sad to see it end..

  • Karyn said:

    My fave. book is Elcipse b/c Bella finally makes her choice when she agrees to marry Edward. Even though later she kisses Jacob and understands she does hav feelings of love for Jacob her Love for Edward is stronger and the choice is what’s better for her life to enter Edwards World.

    Love that book.

  • Gidget said:

    The one book I haven’t read yet! Good luck to all! <3

  • Sara said:

    Eclipes is my Favorite because of the relationship between Jacob and Bella, and Edwards reaction to that realtionship.

  • Michele said:

    Well it is hard to pick a favorite because I love them all so if I have to chose it would be Breaking Dawn because we finally get to see how the story comes together for Edward and Bella

  • Sami Thomson said:

    Fantastic Giveaway! I would love to add this to my Twilight Memorabilia Wall :) Thanks for the chance!

  • Roxie Aguirre said:

    Omg!!! Well let’s see…I love Stephenie’s book sooooo much. I must stick to the traditional book. My favourite is TWILiGhT! Don’t get me wrong…all of her books are amazing, but Twilight got my heart pumping for more and more. Twilight made me fall in love with Edward and Bella at hello! Yes we got to learn and love many of the characters in the following books New Moon (where I totally felt Bella’s non existence without Edward) Eclipse (where finally both clans come together, and Bella gets proposed) <3 and what can I say about Breaking Dawn (the ultimate love story, where sacrifice is an understatement from all the characters…that's my second FAVOURITE book)! It would be amazing to win this autographed book by Stephenie Meyer!!!!! But good luck everyone. And thanks for letting us enter this great prize…..you guys are amazing!!!!!

  • Mary Hensley said:

    My favorite S. Meyer book would either be “Eclipse” or “Breaking Dawn”. Ecplise really shows a deeper look into the change or a vampire and Breaking Dawn is just wonderful. I love the series and could pick up anywhere in any of the books and be hooked. Love the movies, but think they leave a lot of the book out.

  • Jessica Gobble said:

    Awesome giveaway! I loved this novella but out of all of Stephenie’s books, I believe, The Host is my favorite. I loved it for it’s complexity within the characters themselves and also loved it because I’m a total Stargate fan geek and this story has so many similarities to the stories of Stargate (the tv show) that it really caught my attention. Oh but the characters have to be the best out of The Host. :)

  • corei bean said:

    I think Twilight is my favorite. I was drawn to it at first, because it takes place in one of the prettiest places on earth Forks! It’s an amazing beginning to a great saga!! I adore it.

  • Michele said:

    I’m a HUGE Stephenie Meyer fan… the Twilight books reintroduced me to reading and I’ve never stopped since! I’ve read the Twi books many times and would have to say that my favourite is nearly a tie between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, with Eclipse slightly out front. I think I loved these 2 the most because of the progression of where Bella & Edward find themselves… as a real couple (end of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). Bella has made her choice… and now we get on with the rest of the story. Now I’m looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn as the movie to see some of my favourite scenes played out… feathers anyone?!!! 😉

  • Joanne said:

    I personally feel that Midnight Sun isthe best, as it actually shows the creative side of Stephenie. It explains all his misery and agony he had to balance just to be with the one he loved and would love for the rest of his life. But if the book is not counted, Breaking Dawn would be my favourite. It shows the pain that Jacob had to go through to be with the one he loved – the one in the tummy. On razor-blades, in the sea of pain. When i read it i totally got into character, and cried at the pain that he had to experience. This book also portrays Rosalie’s obsession, and Leah understanding her, which is touching. What that pleased me most to love this book is the lengths that bella had to go just to make sure Renesmee was safe from the battle(in case it started). She had to entrust her one and only daughter with someone that could protect her, even if it meant putting her with a wolf. This story is about love, new experiences, sacrifices, devotion and trust. therefor i love this story. Pick me please, thanks (: <3 I am inspired by Twilight so much that though im just 13, i am writing my self-plotted and written story on Renesmee cont. http://twilight-f0rever.blogspot.com

  • Debie Chewning said:

    I have to say that Eclipse is my favorite of the published books, because in that book Bella finally does decide that she loves Edward more – which of course we the readers all knew LOL. It was satisfying from a reader’s point of view to see that issue finally resolved. Also Eclipse was originally published on my birthday so I have that fondness for it as well.

    But if I can digress, my favorite book WOULD BE Midnight Sun, if it’s ever finished. I’m hoping…

  • Tabitha Kristen said:

    I’m really not sure I can pick a favorite. They’re all amazing. So, I guess I’ll say The Twilight Saga. I hope that counts. Choosing one from the series is almost impossible. :]

  • Manda said:

    This would be an epic beginning to 2011… :-)

  • Tiffany said:

    This contest is amazing. I would have to go with Twilight because ever since then us fans have been on a crazy ride.

  • Ellen said:

    Fav. SM book?
    That would have to be the one that started it all “Twilight”.
    I had a smile on my face the entire time I read. I fell so in love with the characters I couldn’t get enough of them. The passion between Isabella and Edward is to electric it jumps off the page. Before I was even done with this one I bough the second one, I just had to know the rest of the story. More over Romeo and Juliet, move in Edward and Isabella.

  • Amanda said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because it has everything. Bella before and after the transformation, romance and action, humor and agony. This book plays with all your emotions. I laughed, cried, cheered and felt the heat of Bella and Edwards passion. It was amazing and I didn’t want it to end.

  • Caroline Castner said:

    I love all the books but I think my favorite it Eclipse because well theres the tent scene & I also love reading about Jasper & Rosalie’s past. It makes me love the charaters more knowing how they lived before & after they first became vampires.

  • Rebecca said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be The Host. Although I love the Twilight series, all of them, I think The Host was a refreshing change for Stephenie and it was interesting to see her write from a different perspective to Bella’s. For me The Host is a brilliant piece of literature, and its one of those books you can read again, again, and again without ever getting bored of it. Now, where’s my copy… Time for a re-read I think…

  • vivi said:

    my favourite book is twilight, because it will be always part of me now. twilight introduced us the love that make us laugh, cry and scream many times and that probably the best reason.. haha
    i also love love love the host!!

    tnx!for this contest!

  • Jah'dell said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Eclipse because I’m a sentimental old biddie, I love Bella & Edward. But for sheer creativity and emotional impact, The Host is a close second. Excellent book.

  • Karen said:

    I would have to say it’s a tie between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. I loved the initial development of Edward and Bella and their self discoveries of Twilight. I also loved how it came full circle in Breaking Dawn. I’m a sucker for romance, what can I say?

  • Elizabeth said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. That book was very well written and the depth of her characters is amazing. Twilight captured my heart and I love the whole series because of it.

  • Emmie said:

    My favorite book is Twilight, the first of the series. All first are the best, but its my favorite because you see love being born, and all that is discovered, it sets the theme for things to come. It’s such an amazing story.

  • Sara S. said:

    I let a friend borrow my copy and still haven’t gotten it back.

  • Tricia said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I love the story line in this book. The wedding, the honeymoon, and all the complications that follow. Jacob standing up for Bella and taking back his birthright.
    And all the new characters that are gathered to witness.

  • Kristy said:

    Twilight for sure. It began my obsession :)

  • lauren brown said:

    my fave stephenie meyer book is eclipse because that’s when we really get to see the character’s true selves. before that, the characters aren’t terribly deep, but in eclipse they come to their full potential.

  • Josefine said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. It takes Twilight to a whole new level, because they get married, you see through Jacob’s eyes, and the pov also become a vampire and it’s very interesting to read. Also Renesmee and the gathered vampires from all over the world. And then the threat of the Volturi. It’s just a good storyline.
    But under other side I so love the Host. So, so, so much! It’s brilliant and well-written (more than Twilight was), so it kind of a mix between BD and The Host!

  • Jill said:

    My favorite Twilight book is Twilight. The way Edward falls in love with Bella is so romantic, it reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. I have read the book so many times.

  • Kim Webb said:

    Of course, I love them all but my favorite is Breaking Dawn. I love the happy ending and everything leading up to it. I also really like how Charlie is still able to see Bella without “knowing” everything. I love it!

  • Cath said:

    Twilight is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book because it awakened my passion for reading. My daughter handed me “Twilight” to read although I had never heard of it (yeah, I must have been living under a rock)she didn’t know what a Pandora’s box she opened. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve read it… but I’ve read countless other books as well.

  • Kathryn Kitchens said:

    My favorite book of the Saga is Eclipse. It expands on the triangle relationships of Bella, Jacob and Edward. It potrays how she can love both yet demonstrates exactly where her heart lies. I love how Edward is aware and secure with her feelings. Well written and well done!

  • pennybug said:

    Oooh that is hard. I guess I’d have to say Twilight. It’s the first book to introduce me to the story & the charactes I’ve come to love. I also like how relatable Bella is & how she goes through Bella & Edward falling in love.

  • Michelle said:

    My Favorite book was Eclipse. Loved the build up to the fighting scenes and also while always being Team Edward…loved how we got to see more of Jacob’s sensitive side…and deep down hoping he might just have a small chance with Bella.

  • Carrie said:

    I think my favorite book changes every time I read the series. The one thing that has never changed is my favorite part of the books. I absoltely love the end of New Moon when Edward has come home. That’s when you can really feel how much their lives depend on each other. That part, in Bella’s room, is the most romantic part of the series!

  • Dawn said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is Twilight! How could you love any of her books more than the first, that is where my love started! For that it will always be my favorite by her! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Lori said:

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn. It has all the elements of the other books in one. The romance, action suspense and surprises!

  • Amy said:

    I love Eclipse. It was her best voice out of the series and was full of love, comedy and action!

  • Jessica J said:

    My favorite book of the series is Breaking Dawn, because Bella finally becomes a “cold one”. Also, because Renesmee is born & becomes someone so very special!!!

    I love in BD that there is more than Bella’s POV. I love how we get to see the pull between Jacob & Bella, then the pull go away between them when Ness is born!

  • Soph said:

    Breaking Dawn because of e/b wedding and renesmee. They finally become a family:)

  • brenda hickey said:

    Twilight is my favorite book. I married my high school sweetheart after dating five years. We were married 16 years and had four beautiful children: we had the perfect life. Until i found out he was living a secret life with someone calling het his wife, planning children. I divorced him but my heart was so broken, i never wanted to be with anyone ever again. I was single ten years, then read twilight. It opened my heart ag!in. Im still single but the depression is finally gone. That book gave me hope again.

  • Laurie May (TimeStandStill) said:

    My fave is and will always be Twilight because that is where it started. Although it is shadowed by Eclipse right behind. Twilight was the guts, foundation the core of it all. Eclipse had the ultimate challenge and exciting thrill.

  • Wendy said:

    Twilight cos that’s how it all started.

  • Arianna said:

    My favorite SM book is Breaking Dawn. I love how it splits between Bella’s POV and Jacob’s POV. It so easy to visualize everything in BD too. Cant wait for the movie to come out!

  • AMBER ELKINS said:

    I love the entire Twilight saga including the “short second life of Bree Tanner” but “Twilight” is probably my favorite just because it was the beginning of it all. Twilight got me hooked and I fell more in love with the rest of the characters as the saga progressed. Stephenie Meyer rocks :)

  • Laura said:

    I think my favorite book is Twlight. I really like the love story. The movie didn’t really get to go into detail like the book did and it was kind of a bummer. I’m currently reading it again because it puts me in a good mood.

  • Zulmarie said:

    My favorite book would have to be Breaking Dawn. So many wonderful things happen in this book that its hard not to love it. especially the scene when edward can read the baby’s thoughts!!! Just amazing.

  • Kristin Castle said:

    My favorite is Eclipse! I love how both Jacob and Edward fight for Bella. All of us women would be so lucky to have two awesome men fighting for us! The tent scene is the best! :)

  • Carla said:

    Honestly, I can not choose a favorite! Why? Because it just can’t be compared with one another. But if I have to choose, I would say Twilght: Breaking Dawn :) Why? This is where the story comes together, where all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Edward and Bella’s love grows stronger and deeper here, as well as Jacob finds his true meaning of existence! I love when Renesmee is born and how she brings everyone together. Rosalie softens up to Bella (even if it is only for her own personal reasons). It always bugged me that Rosalie isn’t quite fond of Bella. And then there’s the wolves who finally realize the Cullens don’t mean any harm. I love Breaking too for the happy ending it brings to everyone. My favorite part of the whole book is when Jacob imprints on Renesmee, although it’s not entirely described, but it makes me happy that he found happiness and love. So Breaking Dawn is my favorite book!
    A special thanks to Stephenie Meyer for having this amazing dream and sharing it with us.

  • Kaitlyn said:

    breaking dawn becuz they get married and have renesmee:)♥♥♥

  • Carrie Aquiningoc said:

    Twilight is my favorite book, followed by Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn, then Bree Tanner and lastly, New Moon. In Twilight, with the characters being taken off guard, you get newness, anticipation, misconceptions, giddiness, hope etc. And that’s what makes love stories great. And I LOVE that Stephanie’s character, Edward, is really and truly unique. So many love stories say something along the lines of “there was no other man like him/woman like her” only to disappoint the reader with a rather common character. I’m devastated that someone leaked Midnight Sun. Can you imagine how much more intense the story would have been from Edward’s perspective?? Mind. Blowing. And I love how the Bree Tanner book gave us more insight from Edwards perspective in the clearing.

    Are we only allowed to comment once? It doesn’t specify that above..?

  • Becky Davis said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I love the passion and romance that Edward and Bella share while raising Renesmee and finding their happily ever after :)

  • Johonna said:

    Eclipse! Because it’s the last slow motion feel book before everything hits high gear. Bella’s final choice is made, her foes are vanquished. She finally excepts Edward’s Proposal! She learns more about her soon-to-be Family (Jasper and Rosalie’s stories) All-Around it’s my fave book and Movie. ~ Johonna

  • Darcy Brown said:

    I love the whole Twilight Saga, but my favorite is Eclipse. I love each book for its own characteristics. Twilight for introducing me to the story, following them as they fall in love, & making me fall in love with the characters. New Moon was hard for me to read, because I was so irritated with Edward for leaving. Breaking Dawn for the Wedding, honeymoon, & happy ending. Eclipse is humorous & the love triangle pulls you in. I love how Edward becomes more & more human & shows his emotions more ( when Jake kisses Bella, she punches him, & Edward is angry). Also, when he proposes. The whole story is just romantic.

  • Nikki said:

    I came to the Twilight universe quite late (all the books had already been published and the first movie had already just hit the cinemas). I would say my favourite book has to be ‘Twilight’ because not only is it a terrific book, but at that time – I was going through a bit of a tough time personally and a friend of mine recommended Twilight as a means of distracting myself. I’d never been big on the whole vampire thing so I was reluctant to do so but I did and I was engrossed right from the very first few pages.
    I think Twilight came along for me at just the right time because it took me out of my own issues for a bit an allowed me to get lost in a terrific book, and after that, a terrific book series.
    I love all the books, but I’d say Twilight is my favourite because it came along at a time when I really needed something other than my thoughts to occupy my mind.

  • Dawn Marie Steinmetz said:

    I’m enamored with Breaking Dawn. First time I read it, I cried when I saw the words, “The End”. WHAT? The WHAT? So far, I’ve read it 8 times and continue to do so until it makes the screen. All the TSS are phenonemal but it’s just over the top amazing. Way to go Stephenie!

  • Maryann said:

    My favorite book by Stephanie Meyer would have to be “The Host” because it kept me guessing on what would happen next. I had to read it twice to totally understand and catch the parts I didn’t quite get the first time around. Great book. Would love to see it as a movie!

  • Eva DEF said:

    My favourite book is, beyond a doubt, New Moon. The heartache Bella went through was so well described, I shed more than a few tears reading it :-)remember that sentence “I did not resurface” followed by the blank months and it just summarized the pain and numbness so well.
    Midnight Sun is a close second, I really hope Stephenie will decide to finish it one day. Or better yet, decide to rewrite all 4 books from Edward’s point of view :-)

  • Katherine Jordan said:

    Although I love the whole story of Edward and Bella and have read all the books six times, I would have to say my favorite book is Breaking Dawn. Specifically the book of Bella. I love how through all her struggles and heart ache she is the most powerfull in the end and saves her family which she has been fighting for since the beggining.

  • Stacee said:

    Eclipse is my favorite book. I love that one most because Bella and Edward are moving forward and making plans for their life together. Also it’s so great to read about Victoria finally getting caught! The romance in eclipse is the best!

  • Amie Portinari said:

    I loved the Short Second Life of BreeTanner. I was so sorry that her life ended in the clearing after the battle with newborns. The novelette showed us what being a newborn was really like. It would have been even more interesting had this book come out before Breaking Dawn. We would have had a better idea of what Bella would be going through…or skipping altogether.

  • Jammie Hilton said:

    I would have to say my favorite is Breaking Dawn. For Bella and Edward to finally get married and then such a blessing (Renesmee) comes from that! And then the unity of all the vampire clans coming together to fight for the Cullens! Awesome!!!

  • Tyonna Abrams said:

    My favorite is a toss up between Breaking Dawn and The Host though I think Midnight Sun will be fighting for number one once she finishes it. Breaking Dawn has always been my favorite from the Saga. Everyone like Twilight because it opens your eyes to the world or New Moon because it expands to include the shifters but I like the final word that Breaking Dawn brings. I like the never ending friendships and family it brings. It completes the bond that was so wildly open throughout the series. It opens your eyes to the whole fantastic world that Twilight offers, the good and the bad.
    However The Host is an amazing book. It’s hard to find an alien book that really has a plot. I love the bonds that are formed in this book. It almost seems real, if aliens were taking over the worlds in this manor I feel that the story is pretty close to how it would be.

  • Cherice Armitage said:

    It is really hard to pick one as my favorite, I like all of them for different reasons…but I think maybe Breaking Dawn since it is the one I am currently reading again for about the fifth time. I just read the other four again as well. I do love the insight that is brought in the Bree Tanner book also.

  • denise maurice said:

    My favorite book has got to be Breaking Dawn, just loved the wedding and honeymoon and can’t wait to see the movie. Already making plans to go to the red carpet premier again. Went to New Moon and eclipse and it was very exciting to see all the stars!

  • Karen said:

    Eclipse is my favorite because it has everything: Bella and Edward are together and gloriously happy, action, lots of character development through backstories, humor, a racier Edward.

  • Paula Besta said:

    I love all the books in the Twilight series.. and could pick out at least one section of each book that is my favorite.. but I think this is asking for just one, so.. I would have to say Eclipse is my favorite entire book. There is a lot of action in it. And of course there are so many areas in Eclipse where the plot thickens oh so wonderfully! You get to learn so many important tid bits of information, and you are able to tie together so much of the information, it makes you just want to keep reading. Didn’t want to put any of the books in the series down. Love My Cullen boys, cause they just don’t make ’em like that anymore.. yum!

  • Michelle Wagner said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. It was the most exciting and you finally get a glimpse into the world of a vampire from a vampire. The wedding and honeymoon were also awesome and the view point from Jacob is interesting because you get the perspective of a werewolf too.

  • Moran said:

    my favorite book is Twilight!
    the very begining… everything is new and facenting… when Bella first realizes that she’s in love with Edward I felt the same way!
    we love you Stephenie!!

  • James said:

    Bree’s journey, from immortality to death, is a very interesting counterpoint to Bella’s, from mortality to immortality. Lots of profound things to think about to help you (or not) reach your own “immortality.”

  • Alison said:

    HI, Ok so I havent seen much about New Moon! I had a love hate relationship with that book for a long time, and now its probably my Favorite book in the series! Isnt that odd? I love my Edward but I really felt that strong connection when Jacob became her friend. My firend and I have been hosting private VIP parties for the movies and we love doing them! We have a waiting list to come and we are so exited for Breaking Dawn to come out and we have something very special planned for that! I am no reliving my Twilight obsession all over again by reading the books all over again..(and again and again!) I really liked the Bree Tanner book becuase it gave a glimpse of how those newborns really would act. I think Stephenie did a great job in describing the whole feel of that book and how at the end you really wish she did run away and not go fight! but alas where would Eclipse be with out her,
    I hope to be one of the lucky winners!

  • Jennimckim said:

    I would have to day the first book Twilight would be my favorite. It started it all and sucked me in. It introduced me to everything great that came after it. But I love all the book so much, it was a very hard choice!

  • James said:

    (Sorry posted too quickly). So my favorite book (for now) is Twilight because as I re-read Bree Tanner — both show the different options opening to both girls — it underscore Bella’s good choices in Twilight.

  • Lynn said:

    I love all of the Twilight Saga, but my favorite of Stephanie’s right now is The Host. I have not read a fiction novel that has made me cry so much. Loved it!

  • Rebecca said:

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn. I love this one best because Bella finally becomes a vampire and we learn that she does have a special ability.

  • Emzaz said:

    Twilight is my favorite because you just can’t beat the original and I think it was amazing as you fell in love with the characters as Bella fell in love with Edward. It was brilliant with everything: action, romance, discovery, etc. Twilight rocks!

  • Leah Womack said:

    The Host is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book. It was a refreshing change from the vampire theme. =)

  • Joleen said:

    My favorite book in the series is Twilight. This is because the story of Edward and Bella first falling in love is just so pure and beautiful. The Twilight Saga is the best book series in the world!

  • Patty said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. Of the four books is the most complete each character has its own space.
    It has all the elements of the other books in one. The romance, action suspense!

  • Jamie Manning said:

    My favorite has to be Twilight, because it revived my desire to become a writer. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the writing style…and thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  • PatR said:

    I loved Bree. Would so love to have this copy. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a special prize.

  • Rebecca said:

    I would have to say my favorite would be The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

    It makes you understand Eclipse a lot more. e.g why the volturi are there, after I read it, I said to myself thats explains so much! :)

    and also you can see that she just wanted to find Diego and not take part in the battle with the cullens.

  • Louise Mullan said:

    My favourite book is Eclipse, the alice kidnapping, the leg hitch, the back stories, the tent scene, Jacobs efforts to show bella her other choice, but most of all Bellas emotional journey really struck a cord with me I think stephanie did an amazing job. Thank you!

  • PinkStuff28 said:

    My favorite book from is the series, and is definetly Twilight.Not only that the book introduce the whole “Twilight world” that Stephanie Created , but it’s also the begging of the love story between Bella and Edward , and in the first book things are kinda , simple , no jake ,and no love triange :)

    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com

  • Kamie said:

    My favorite is New Moon. The first time I read it, after I read the forest scene where Edward leaves, I actually gasped out loud as I turned the page and saw the passage of the months. Few books have ever had that affect on me. And then of course it was oh so good when he came back!

  • Ann Marie said:

    It is hard to chose just one. But if I had to, it would be New Moon.

  • Christy J said:

    My favorite book has to be Breaking Dawn, couldn’t put it down!!! Of course I loved all of them!!!


  • casie said:

    I love Twilight because it started the series and made me fall in love with the characters. As the original it will always be my favorite. But I love them all and The Host as well!

  • jennifer said:

    My favorite twilight book is Breaking dawn. It is the most mature book of the four and the fourth book really envoked an emotional respnse from me. I felt like I connected with the characters and realised how much the characters have come to mean to me. I have never felt that way about a book before.

  • Kelly Grable said:

    OMG!!! I love all of Stephenie Meyer books!!!!! But I would have to say that Twilight would be my favorite because of introducing me to the story and all of the characters. Once I read it I was hooked and had to buy all the other books. I have read all of them five times each. Running a close second would be Breaking Dawn. It is really hard to choose between the two. I have also read the Host. It was great also. I have read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner but it would be awesome to win a signed copy. Thanks so much!!!!

  • cody smith-candelaria said:

    Midnight Sun is actually my favorite and I hope one day it’s finished. I just really prefer Edward’s perspective, maybe cause it has a depth that I didn’t get from Bella’s perspective. But, since that’s not one I actually own, it’s hard to choose between the others, maybe Twilight because that’s where it all begins.

  • nicci walker said:

    My favorite book is Twilight itself

  • Barbara said:

    I love Stephanie Meyer for giving us all a taste of true love,making fictional people come to life,making us believe in happily ever after.When Brees’ book came out I was surprised I liked it so much as she dies at the end…but I believe in our Souls and in that she lives on. Thank you for the Twilight Sagas, even the “unfinished one” I wish I had on my bookshelf! Stephanie? You rule!

  • Mikaela said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn.
    Of course it is my favorite because it is the final book of Twilight and we finally get to see what happens between Jacob, Bella, and Edward.
    The story is very complex and draws me in every time, it is absolutely my favorite book of all time!

  • Kayla :) said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse because we see Bella struggling throughout the novel on what choice she makes. Also, I think it has lots of humor in it:) Yet, in the book we get to see if Bella becomes a vampire and other surprises.

  • suttondancer said:

    It’s a tie for me between Twilight and Breaking Dawn.

    Love the introduction of the love story between Bella & Edward in Twilight and the culmination in Breaking Dawn.

    I haven’t read Bree Tanner yet, and would love to win this book to add to my Twilight collection.

  • Chris said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer novel is definitely Twilight. It’s the best in the series, in my opinion, because everything is brand new and fresh–you’re just getting to know the characters.

  • Michele said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I love everything about this book, but mostly that Bella becomes what she wants the most and Jacob is finally a peace. Also, that she has some cool abilities and (a little morbid) but the lengths that she will go to to keep the baby and the violence of the birth, death and rebirth and the control that she has over all that is happening to her…

  • Erica A said:

    My favorite book is Midnight Sun! I know it isn’t finished yet, but I loved reading from Edwards perspective! I also really liked Breaking Dawn.

  • M.J. Wright said:

    This is a very tough descision. I would have to say that Eclipse is my favorite with Breaking Dawn being in close second. However, Twilight was exhilarating, and wonderfully written – as the entire series. (I really loved the novella about Bree Tanner too. It left me wanting more).

    Eclipse has everything. Exposed, raw feelings for both Jacob and Edward revealed, Wolves and Vampires put aside their differences, a fight between good and evil, and Bella’s acceptance of marriage to Edward.

    I haven’t read “The Host” yet, but when I get the money, I will.

  • Trista L. Garza said:

    For me, it is a tie between Breaking Dawn and Twilight. Getting to see Bella and Edward get to know each other and see what their love has grown into, is why I love these books. However, I love the extra info that the Bree Tanner novella gives to accent the others. Props to Stephenie Meyer!!

  • Rebecca N. said:

    My favorite book in the Twilight Saga would have to be Breaking Dawn because we finally get to see Bella as a vampire and how she adapts to the “life style” so well. I LOVE EVERYTHING that is Twilight and wish that the saga would continue. Stephenie Meyer’s is an AWESOME writer and I thank her for writing the Twilight Saga :)

  • Rachel B. said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite book because Stephenie Meyer’s made it bad a**!!!! :)

  • Bonnie said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be “Twilight”. I loved being introduced to Bella and her friends and Charlie is an amazing dad and the way he loved Bella but really didn’t know what to do with a teenage daughter was heart warming. I especially loved being introduced to Edward and until the day I die Edward will be in my heart. Stephenie made me believe, if only for a little while, that Edward was real. Not only did my mind want it to be true but my heart wished for him to be real. This love story between Edward and Bella grabs you by your heart strings and never lets go. The way the love developed was so intriguing, not only did you anticipate that first kiss but prayed for it to happen. Stephenie made me believe in true love again. In this day and age with everyone jumping in and out of love and in and out of bed without considering love Stephenie showed me that there can be true love at first site and there can be a soul mate out there for all of us and that you can love someone with all your heart to the point where you would do anything to be with them forever the way Bella would give up everything to be with Edward and Edward loved her so much that he would do anything to protect her. The only thing he could not do was change her into a monster like he thought he was. Yes, I love “Twilight” because without “Twilight” there would never have been a “New Moon” an “Eclipse” and heaven forbid there would never have been a “Breaking Dawn”. Thank you Stephenie for “Twilight” you made me believe in true love again.

  • Ashley A said:

    My favorite book from Stephenie Meyer’s saga would most definitely be Breaking Dawn. I only say that because, this book gave the characters a closure that was definitely needed:)


  • terri said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse, because Bella then must choose her future.

  • Libby said:

    Favorite SM book has to be Eclipse!

  • ippisclj said:

    My favorite Twilight book is Eclipse. I believe that it has the most depth to it and I also find it the most entertaining and romantic. I love the proposal scene. It also adds complexity because Bella has such hard decisions to make.

  • Cat said:

    Breaking Dawn was my favorite. In all honesty, I believe it’s because I got MY happy ending. It ended as I wanted it too and also threw in some shockers! I still love re-reading it!

  • Christina B said:

    Favourite Stephenie Meyer…. hmmmm… that’s a tough one since the whole Twilight series was amazing!! Out of the four original books, my favourite was Breaking Dawn. “Watching” Bella finally develop her special gift, and see how well she uses it during the final battle was amazing!! Bella’s ability to control her newborn urges, and astound everyone was priceless!!

    Thank you for hosting such an awesome contest!!

    Warmest wishes,

  • Randi said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Eclipse. It really shows the love Jacob has for Bella and how he is willing to go to the end of the earth to show her.

  • Stacy said:

    I’d love a signed copy of this book! Stephanie is my favorite author!

  • Julie said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse because Bella and Edward are finally back together & because of the proposal~!

  • Vannah Rose said:

    This is an amazing contest. i would love to have this book!!!

    My favorite book in the series is Breaking Dawn. It’s my favorite because it’s really when Bella and Edward can show their love with out complications (other than vampire/human complications) for a short while. Until of course there are complications. They are my modern day Romeo and Juliet and always will be.



  • Joanne said:

    I Love The Twilight Saga! I have never read a set of books I have enjoyed more! My favourites out of the series is both Twilight, and Breaking Dawn! I love the story of Edward and Bella, how they met and fell in love. The conflict with what Edward is, and how he struggles with himself regarding his feelings for her! I love how they get to spend their happily ever after together! Im not a big believer in marriage – and I know this is just novel, but it made me feel very excited that they were going to tie the knot! I rooted for them all the way! I cant think of a better ending for their story! Thank you Stephenie, for sharing Twilight with us!

  • Laura said:

    Honestly it’s hard for me to pick one book. I think I have to pick The Host though. Wanderer is such a strong character, who was willing to give up her life for Mel, Jared, and everyone else. After she had finally found a mate in Ian after many, many lifetimes. What a remarkable character.

  • Kathy said:

    I love Eclipse the best – particularly the tent scene. Have read that umpteen times!

  • laura said:

    i like eclipse from twilight saga because the love story between jasper and alice is explained, i like edward and bella too but i wish we could get a book on just jasper and alice

  • Monserrat said:

    I love all the Twilight Saga but my favorite book it’s twilight because it’s the first one and I fell in love with the story & with Edward xD.But If Stephenie publish Midnight sun tht would be my fav book ’cause I love EPOV :)

  • Tammy Weisensel said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight because that is where it all began. I fell in love with the characters and the world and this is the one series that I’ve read over and over again (more times than I can remember).

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!! :)

  • Christina West said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. The love Bella has for her unborn baby shows through as well as Rosalie finally getting along with Bella for a common cause. Also, Bellas transformation is amazing to read!

  • Meredith said:

    I love Stephenie Meyer! I love all her books but I think my favorite is Twilight, its just very fresh and fun every time I read it, I love that its a book most of us Teens can read but its still clean, Even I feel like relishing like Bella, the experience of holding somebodys hand for the first time or someone telling you you are beautiful for the first time:) I love all her books and I would love to win! Good luck everyone!!! P.s. Yay im writting my research paper about Stephenie Meyer!!!! Yay!:) Good luck!

  • Sheri Callander said:

    It’s really a tough pick for me. I loved them all. But my top two favorites would be ‘Twilight’ amd ‘Eclipse’. Out of those two, I would choose ‘Eclipse’. The amount of drama and action in this book keeps you rivoted. Plus the constant reminder of the love triangle always makes you think of Bella’s most coveted book in this part of the story ‘Wuthering Heights’, which, I really enjoyed that book as well. What more can you ask for, Crazed newborns coming to kill the Cullens, Bella finally having to make the choice as to where her heart TRULY belongs, and the Voluturi trying to cover up their alterior motive when showing up late to the Newborn battle?

    ON a side note..I also loved The Host. Sequel soon? :)

  • Siobhan O'Neill said:

    My favourite book is Breaking Dawn because its the first book of the Twilight Saga Ive read. I watched Eclipse the movie for a friends birthday and then decided I LOVED Twilight and I’d read the books. Breaking Dawn is written amazingly well and put you right at the centre of the action from its first person narrative. I cant believe I didnt read the books sooner :)

  • Cynthia Serna said:

    My favorite is Stephenie Meter book is Breaking Dawn, because it involves two people from different worlds, get marry & have a baby. A world full of vampires & werewolves team up together to save a family.

  • Eden Looper said:

    I have read and re-read the entire series at least six times (including Midnight Sun!) in the last year but Twilight is still my all-time favorite! Thank you, Stephanie, for putting so much effort into the series – I love love love it!!!

  • Sarah Leveque said:

    My favorite book is Breaking dawn because it’s when bella becomes a vampire and dont forget the BABY!!!!!!! Bella&Edwards relationship is very strong and Jacob let’s bella have the baby and breaks the treaty.

  • kate said:

    Twilight is my favorite Stephenie Meyer book. In Twilight it was all new- you were learning right along with Bella all the secrets of Forks and it was exciting and fun. The rest of the books were wonderful too, but it’s all brand new only once, and that’s when you first read Twilight!

  • Jodi Shaw said:

    Just read Bree Tanner for the first time yesterday! Thought it was great and left me wanting MORE!
    Of course, I’ve read & re-read the Twilight Saga multiple times (Just finished chapt 2 of Twilight for the 8th time)
    I think Stephenie is brilliant & I am SO grateful because she gave me back my love for reading! Would REALLY love to win this copy! Thanks either way!

  • Toni Blair said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn.

  • Gay Bunnell said:

    I am forever in my Twilight world. I again just finished Twilight, writing comments and notations along the way. I listened to Bree Tanner last week on my way to Los Angelas, it ws great, I’ve read it twice now. My favorite book however is New Moon – I have been there and felt Bella’s pain so strongly. Stephanie is great – I can always read another book , but I escape to Twilight.

  • Chrissy said:

    The thing I love about the Twilight Saga is that there is so much character depth. This is the main reason that Eclipse is my favourite book as it delves deeper in to the pasts of Jasper and Rosalie. Though I also love the background of Carlisle in Twilight. The fact that Stephanie has brought out Bree Tanner just goes to show how much thought goes into the characters she creates :)

  • RJ Roberson said:

    Breaking Dawn is by far the best, in my opinion. There was just so much going on you just couldn’t help but be sucked into it. Love: the wedding, honeymoon, a new baby,Imprinting. Loyalty: nomads comin from all over to stand up for the Cullens, wolfpack sticking together, despite Jacob running from the pack and behind the vamps. Anticipation and triumph: all the vamps standing up to the Volturi. How couldn’t she draw you in.

  • Andrea H. said:

    I love the whole saga, but Twilight has always been my favorite, I adore the story of them meeting and falling in love.

  • Sara said:

    My favorite twilight book is breaking down. Because bella merrie whit edward, and rensmee is born. And Jacob love renesmee not bella enymore, and I like that bella became vimpere, And there is also one fightscine, because of all thise things I like breaking down so much!

  • Erin Till said:

    My favorite book is the Novella. I love the insight into who Bree is. I just wish they had filmed the whole book and put it on the special features of Eclipse.

  • lizette ramirez miranda said:

    i love stephenie meyers books i have read every one of her books at least 30 times each and im team edward forever. i have even read every one of her deleted parts of the twilight sagas on her website. my favorite book my her would be the twilight saga eclipse becuase i think she wrote the proposal scene beautifully. and my twilight collection has at least 57 things in it but anyways i love stephanie meyer she is a amazing author.

    – lizette hale cullen

  • angela dean said:

    I am goig to say I like them all but will go with The Host. It caught me by surprise thought I had been there done that and surprise!

  • Hairproductjunkie said:

    I know I’m in the minority, but my fave book was New Moon. I LURVE Jacob’s character, and I felt like there was so much emotion in that book. You know EXACTLY how Bella is feeling the entire time, and that’s pretty amazing. The first time I read the series, my sis-in-law warned me that I would probably not like New Moon, but it turned out to be my fave!

  • Jennifer carter said:

    Picking a favorite book is kinda like picking a favorite child. I love them all for different reasons but if I had to I would say eclipse because it has the most back stories in it. I also love the Bree Tanner story and am dieing for her ro finish midnight sun. I have almost every didfernt copy of all rhe books that have come out I even have the white copies only found in the uk. But none of them have been signed. I would love a signed copy

  • Brandy Collett said:

    Picking a favorite book is almost impossible honestly. Twilight (the first book) is definitely on the top of the list because of all the detail. The way Edward is described is just amazing and enthralling. Stephanie really catches your attention and draws you in with the descriptions. The way she describes Forks, Edward, all the cullens is just amazing and wonderful. The love story keeps you hanging on the edge and you just can’t stop reading! Breaking Dawn is the other one that I would say is a fave because who wouldn’t just LOVE to be the mother of Edward Cullen’s baby? lol. Stephanie is an amazing story teller!!! I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping that she decides to continue the story at some point!!!!! :-)

  • Danielle Munro said:

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite as Stephenie is such an amazing and talented writer. But would have to go with Eclipse, as so much happens in this book, romance, funny, action and finality. Bella realises she loves them both, sees her future with Jacob but knows its not enough. You get more of the Cullens, more wolves and Victoria is finally killed. And of course the proposal. Some of my fave bits are alice and bella moments. Such brilliant writing.

  • Tricia Anderson said:

    My favorite Book is Eclipe, I like it the best because Bella goes through alot emotions but ends up with her true soul mate in the end.

  • Steffanie said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I love when they get married. I think it’s so sweet! My email is imliving4him@hotmail.com

  • Oda said:

    My favorite book in the Twilight Saga is New Moon. Not because of Jacob (die-hard Team Edward here) – but there’s just something about the book that takes my breath away every time I read it. I remember the first time I read it, I actually cried when Edward left. And I’m really not the crying type when it comes to books/movies! But that moment just touched my heart. Then, of course, it’s the months without him. I remember being constantly afraid of whether or not Stephenie Meyer would get him back in the story again (when I read it, neither Eclipse or Breaking Dawn had hit the shelves), or that Bella – even worse – would end up with Jacob. Then comes the whole Edward-in-danger-go-to-Volterra-to-resue-him. I literally squealed when Bella realized it was Carlisle’s car in the driveway. But now I’m degressing. For me, this book is a mix of tender, sad, funny, heart-breaking, suspensful and joyful moments. Bella grows as a person as she learns to face life without Edward, and that character development is interesting to watch. She hits rock bottom, but come out of it as a stronger person. In my eyes, the best book in the Twilight Saga.

  • Rena Gonzalez said:

    Twilight is my favorite book because I enjoy reading about first love and that’s what it is for both Bella and Edward.

  • Jamie said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book was the first twilight book. I loved the beginning of the story watching bella and edward fall for each other. It was the first book in a long while that i wasnt able to put down, and got me back into reading and discovering other great ya books.

  • Amanda Barton said:

    After reading them all many times, I have to say Eclipse. The love shared between Edward and Bella and their growing relationship is really shown in the book more than the others. Breaking Dawn focuses a lot on Jacob so the relationship isn’t quite as dominant.And…because I have met the actor for Jasper in the movie, Jackson Rathbone, I love that his story is told so much.

  • Karhy Carlisle said:

    I am stuck on my favorite Stephanie Meyer book. It would be between Twilight and Eclipse. I love Twilight because it is the beginning. The telling of falling in love even with impossible circumstances. I love Eclipse because of the story of finding the right way for oneself. I love the entire series but those are my favorites.

  • Sage said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book would have to be Eclipse. My favorite is Eclispe just because it is so different from the other Twilight Saga books. Eclipse has a lot of love, action, excellent writing, and great characters. Eclipse is the book where Bella has to chose if she wants to be with Edward or Jacob, so it is very important in the series. I am one of the biggest Twilight fans out there and I love you Kallie!

  • Allison Johnson said:

    I loved the whole Twilight Saga, but my favorite would have to be Breaking Dawn. The whole story comes together in his book: the romantic parts with the wedding and the honeymoon, the friendship and the ties that bind Jacob, Bella, and Edward together, and seeing the true face of the Volturi. I am one for happy endings and loved this book and how she brought it all together!

  • malinda said:

    I want one!

  • Cathy Banks said:

    Twilight is the best one because of new young love and the introduction of all of the characters!

  • Olga P Granados said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is New Moon. It didn’t start out that way, but the more I read it the more I realize that it’s the most vital part of the series, the dark that allows you to truly see the stars. Stephenie made me hurt with Bella and made me appreciate the romance driving the saga in the epic way it deserves. *sigh…

  • Liliana Hughes said:

    I would have to say my favorite book is Eclipse. This is the story where Bella recognize she did have feelings for Jacob, and when she acted upon them she realized Edward was her true love. Plus this is the book I have read over and over again as a bedtime story to my 4 Year old. When i ask her what would she like me to read to her She says ” Mommy I want you to read me your book” and pulls Eclipse off the shelf every time.

  • Hanne Henriksen said:

    My Stephenie Meyer favorite is Breaking dawn. Of course all we girls revel in the wonderful wedding details, but what really makes this book unique to me is all the anticipation in it. A lot of books that build up to a moment so long usually lose the spark and you just want to get to the end already.
    The first time i read Breaking dawn i was a nervous wreck all the way through, first for the wedding to go well, then for the honeymoon, then wondering what would happen to the baby and bella as a vampire and the big confrontation with the volturi in the clearing.
    I was such a wreck at the end that i put down the book for 2 weeks when we finaly got to the meeting in the clearing. The book had fooled me so well that i had convinced myself that not all my now beloved fictional friends could make it though alive. As i did not want to lose them, i simply refused to read the end. Of course one day my superhuman self restraint (2 weeks! hello!! ^^) did not hold and i dove back into the book. The happy ending made it all the more wonderful.

  • Alva said:

    My favorite Stephenie meyer book is “Breaking Dawn”. I like it so much because it’s very different, in my oppinion from the other books in the “Twilight Saga”. I love the story, I love Renesmee, and the mystique around her. I love the little cottage and how the story is devided in to three parts with the point of view from different characters. My main point, I love “Breaking Dawn” and it is deffenetly the best book in the “Twilight Saga”, no match.

  • Ronda Snyder said:

    Eclipse has been my favorite “grab and dive right into deliciousness” Stephenie Meyer book. Like many of Stephenie’s passionate fans, I can’t get enough of the romance and the way it reminds me of how my first true love felt. She describes the love and adoration so beautifully, and you feel very present in each character as you read. It’s also my favorite because Bella finally looks at all her options and makes her decision based on what is best for her. That to me was pivotal.

  • kathy feroz said:

    I do love them all, but have to admit Breaking Dawn is my fav because in this book all our favorite characters are heroes. Bella is strong and pulls through and shows us her true self. Edward always shines even when he’s wrong when leaving thinking he’s doing he right thing. And Jacob, well finally he gets the girl! The right girl for him that is! Even Rosalie redeems herself! I do love a happy ending, as a matter of fact, I sometimes read the last page of a book to see if I’m going to like it. Hah! I know that sucks, what can I say??? I’ll be reading these books til the last page in my life, I know that for sure!

  • MandieBea said:

    My favorite Twilight Saga book is Eclipse. It’s got Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob, Rosalie’s and Jasper’s back stories, the thrill of a newborn army coming for Bella, and much more. It has a wonderful mix of love/romance and action.

  • Elaina Corcoran said:

    My fave Stephenie Meyer book is actually New Moon cause believe it or not that’s the first one I read! It’s not the first series I read out of order either but I saw the books in a bookstore catalogue and decided I might go to the library and try them out… of course New Moon was the only one they had available on the shelf that day (this was before many people knew about Twilight) so that’s the one I started with and I haven’t looked back – except to read Twilight itself once I finished New Moon naturally hehe :)

  • Mallary Mott said:

    As with everyone else, I love ALL of the books, but Breaking Dawn would have to be my favorite. I love the awesome romance scenes that we all waited for in the first three books. I also loved the action and the fact that Bella become this amazing vampire with cool special abilities. I think the most important reason as to why Breaking Dawn is my favorite is because of the closure and “happy ending” that each of the characters get. I was sad to see it end, but happy all the same!

  • Sarah Davisson said:

    I love them all, I really do. But, if I must pick, I think it would be Eclipse. We get the romance between Edward and Bella, and all of the sweet moments. There is also a lot more Jacob, and some Edward and Jacob time without Bella, which I think is great. It’s longer, and so much happens in it. I also love Rosalie’s background, as well as Jasper’s. I love getting to see their characters develop and grow, and find out why they are the way they are, and why they act the way they do toward Bella.

  • G. Griffin said:

    My favorite Twilight book is New Moon.It takes quite an imagination for an author to imagine her creation disassembled. In New Moon,Mrs. Meyer takes apart the story she crafted in Twilight and recrafts an even better story.New Moon could have been about Edward’s struggle to go through a normal human romance…it would have gotten us to Eclipse just as well and might have been interesting since we wanted to love Edward as much as Bella does, but would we have the Bella and Edward we were brought to in Breaking Dawn? I love Jacob. Jacob says the sarcastic things that I think as I watch this victorian waltz with rock and roll eyes. He is strong and true to himself at every turn. he loves Bella and his people more than he loves himself. How often do you find a modern teenage boy who has that flawless quality? Renessme is in good hands.

  • Victoria cabrera said:

    The twilight saga are the best books I have ever read! I got addicted to them really fast!! And now the only one I need to read is the short second life of Bree tanner. And if I could win it it would just be AWESOME!!! I <3 Twilight!

  • Saba M. said:

    Thanks for this awesome contest!

    My favorite book is Eclipse b/c it has everything in it. It has action, romance, drama & comedy! It was a page turner and I fell in love w/ Edward all over again.

  • Alice said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite, because I loved the first 3 Twilight saga books, but they were very different. Breaking Dawn has a bit of of all it’s predecessors and more, making it the ultimate Twilight saga book.

  • Sandra V. said:

    First of all thank you for doing stuff like this! It’s a great opportunity for people like me that live in countries Stephenie doesn’t visit as much (I’m from Mexico).
    My favorite book would have to be Twilight of course! I love the whole Saga but Twilight was where it all began, it was the first time we fell in love with the plot and the characters. I think the reason so many of us like the series is because we want that to happen to us. Not the vampire/werewolf part… but finding someone who loves you for who you are, not what the rest of the world wants you to be. I love the romance (Edward covered that) and humorous parts as well, we all need some Alice and Emmett thrust upon us. Overall I think the series are great and even though they’re finished for now and I love the ending; if Stephenie were to write more of it I know I’d be one of the millions who would be ecstatic to see what some of our favorite characters have been up to.
    P.S. I also adored The Host and can’t wait for the next book to come ou!

  • Amy said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. This work was so well written with such smooth transitions and the love story was like none other before. The restraint it took to hold Bella and Edward to an occasional kiss was more than I could have done. This book also introduced me to my new favorite and the best author of all times. Can not wait to see what Stephenie writes next.

  • Judy Bradley said:

    The Twilight Saga has really impacted my life in such a positive way and I love it! Of the 4 books, Breaking Dawn is my favorite. In this book we see Bella reach that potential she never thought she was capable of. She shows the poise, the beauty, the dignity, the strength and love she always had and never realized! I love it!

  • Amberrrr(:` said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because in this book everyone gets their happy ending and everyone is happy and it is just an overall amazing book, I have read this book so many times the story throughout the entire series is just amazing and not only is it a fun book it just makes you want to jump into the pages and take part in it!

  • Lori Widdison said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be The Host. I love the Twilight Series, but the Host stirred my emotions so much more. I loved it!!

  • Anita B said:

    Gosh this is so very hard. I have always considered Eclipse as my favorite book story wise because I especially love the tent scene and some of the amazingly funny lines through out the book, “may the best man win….” “sounds about right..pup.”, but if I were to really sit down and pick a book that means the most to me it has to be Twilight. I became a Twilight fan the first week of August 2008 which was right after the worst part of my life occured. I was raped and went through so much illness over several months. August was finally the month when I was at home out of the hospital but so depressed. I knew Robert Pattinson one of my favorite actors was making a movie called Twilight and I had seen the book around but was never interested in vampires. I decided to support him though and give the book a shot. I fell in love with Edward Cullen in Twilight. I fit in with the awkward girl who was more mature than her real age like myself, so people have said of me, and found a best friend in Alice and brothers and a sister with Japser, Rose and Emmett. I am an only child so becoming a part of this book, sinking into a whole knew world that wasn’t safe but so detailed and rich with emotions, relating and loving the characters that Stephenie created really began to heal the hole in my heart. I will always love The Twilight Saga and the author who healed my broken heart.

    To have an autograph from my idol would be the best thing in the entire world. I can only hope that I am lucky enough to win and if I am not, congratulations on who does. Bree Tanner is an excellent addition to the life changing saga.

  • Mary Ann said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is Twilight. It was the one that made me fall in love with life all over again. So many positive changes happened in my life because of Twilight. Although I love the rest of the series and love the Host even more every time I re-Wander through it, Twilight will always hold a place of honor in my heart because it is the book that started it all for the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer, and me.

    (p.s. Sunday is my birthday, so winning a signed copy of Bree Tanner would be an awesome gift :-)

  • Rachel said:

    New Moon is my favorite book became I am team Jake! Bella and Jake have amazing chemisty and I was glad to let the wolf pack come into play!

  • Justin said:

    I do not have a favorite book really,I have only read a part of Twilight and I am not a fan but my girlfriend is obsessed with the book. If I won this would make the best Valentine’s day gift in the world. I am trying to plan the perfect date for her and this book would be the perfect gift since I can’t get her a date with Robert Pattinson.

  • Sara said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of the Twilight series because, as others have said, it is the culmination of all three stories and characters. It is indeed the climax of the series, and yet leaves us hopeful and rejoicing, as if we were experiencing what these amazing characters were experiencing. Perhaps because of some of the more fantastical parts of the book it is not THE favorite of most fans; yet, it still is the novel in which we finally see these beloved characters reunited forever. It gives hope to some of us that no longer believe there is such a thing as a one true love, out here in the “real” world. These books chip away at this cynical belief for me, and perhaps for many others.

  • Theresa Preece said:

    I am torn. On the one hand I love Breaking Dawn because you see the fullness of Bella and her new family as well as Jacob finding the one he is meant for. But I felt it was rushed through, when it was so interesteing and could have been split up in to two or even 3 more books instead of the one. Now Twilight was so raw, the way the characters were brought to life, how you felt their emotion, and saw everythign so vividly. It is like when you are in the begining of a relationship- you know when you have butterflies in your stomach and you just can’t wait to see that person again. That is how I feel each time I read Twilight. I feel like I have met my “love” over and over… And to think I was a skeptic of the Twilight saga for so long – not anymore. Wonderful series! :) ter.ree.sah@gmail.com *Edward*

  • Amy said:

    Stephenie Meyer has changed my life, I love all things Twilight and it would be amazing to get this book…

  • destiny said:

    my favorite book of stephenie meyer is eclipse because it is the height of bella and edwards love and also you really get to see that she is positive about being with edward and he is who she wants and they get engaged so thats a plus. i love all the twilight books but eclipse is my fav. :)

  • Marlo said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight because it’s the begin of a great love story. Without twilight we wouldn’t have no Edward or Bella, and no other saga would have evolve.

  • Elizabeth Barrett said:

    My favorite book of Stephanie’s is New Moon because of the emotional depth of the story, even though Edward’s gone for most of the book. :(
    She really captured Bella’s heartbreak and I love the development of Bella and Jake’s friendship.

  • Jessica said:

    My favorite Twilight book is almost impossible to choose. Which child is your favorite? But I suppose my favorite at this moment is Breaking Dawn. I’m having far, far too much fun imagining everything and trying to figure out how they’re going to translate it to film. I’m one of the apparently scarce Twilight fans who thinks that Breaking Dawn was the absolute perfect finish to the series and I adore every page, even when it’s breaking my heart.

  • Lindsay Gimblet said:

    I love Breaking Dawn! It was so well written that I felt like I was there, experiencing it! I love all of the Twilight series, but that was my favorite.

  • Tonya said:

    My favorite book in the saga is Breaking Dawn, because Edward and Bella get married and we read about Vampires such as the Denali Coven attending the wedding along with the humans Charlie, Renee, Phil, Bella’s friends, and Wolfs Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, Seth, and then eventually Jacob. Then of course the Honeymoon! To me it’s the book in which both Bella’s vampire and human worlds come together and dreams that she didn’t know she had like being a mother finally came together and she can start to live the life she feels she was meant to lead for the rest of FOREVER!!!

  • Sandy Pence said:

    New Moon is my favoirte. What greater love is there than to sacrafice your own happiness to save the one you love? Edward shows how truly unselfish and caring he is when he walks out of Bellas life so she can have a chance at a normal life and future……even though he knows it will make him miserable. Even after all the pain Edward has caused her Bella shows the same love and devotion when she rushes off to Italy, into the midst of the Vouturi to save Edward, not only from himself, but from the Vouturi. Her own safety is not important to her……her only thought is to tell Edward that she is alive and he does not need to feel quilty, that she understands and accepts what is.
    Bella, filled and spilling over with her own pain and sorrow, still has compassion for Jacob and his feelings. The words are so woven together in this book that they become magical. You, the reader, are living the story yourself; all its searing pain, deep sorrow, suspense, compassion, love and at last joy.

  • Crystal said:

    I can’t choose between New Moon and Eclipse.
    In New Moon, you can feel Bella’s heartache and watch as her friendship with Jacob becomes more. By Eclipse, she has grown and the love triangle is pretty much taken care of. At least on Bella’s end.

  • Lily said:

    My favorite by far was Eclipse, because throughout the book Bella starts feeling more and more confused about which love she will have to give up. Edward or Jacob, and I think that every girl can relate to the confusion she goes through on their own level. Plus you see Bella grow up a lot in Eclipse to prepare her for Breaking Dawn!

  • Lilian said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because that is the culmination of the series and I’m all about the happy ending. So I was very satisfied with BD as a whole.

  • Cheryl A. said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn because Bella is finally where she belongs. She is finally a Cullen!!! It has a happy ending. There are many new vampires to read about and I love vampires!!! The book is just awesome, it’s as simple as that!!!

  • Brittany said:

    Please let me win, I love this book!

  • Ash L said:

    My favorite books are Twilight and The Host. Twilight because it got me back into reading, and I love Bella and Edward. I loved The Host because the story captured me from the very beginning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • savannah said:

    I love Twilight so much I’ve read it 7 times!! I love the forbidden and inevitable love that is so true and pure. Stephens Meyer has created characters I want keep reading about forever!!

  • Alisa Carver said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. Eclipse was a a book of intense feelings, and emotions. Bella finally has started to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions and to see who she really is. Edward is showing such strong emotions his human side has really opened up he feels love, jjealousy,hate,insecurities. Jacob has finallyl let Bella know of his love for her. Even though he is hurt by her constant rejection he will still do anything for her. Having Edward, and Jacob working together for the same cause (the love of Bella) has also brought the two of them together. They have a better understanding of each other. Of course Edward asking Bella to Marry him, and her agreeing with all the two of them have gone through between Twilight and New Moon , well thats priceless!

  • Melinda Conner said:

    If I had to choose a favorite book in the Twighlight saga, which is a hard choice to make. I Loved them all. I pick Eclipse. It truely was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Not wanting Jacob to be hurt and wanting Edward to be her choice. Bella Learning what she faces in the future and what she will ultimately lose.

  • Emily said:

    Twilight is my favorite. I love the atmosphere of the story, the focus on Bella’s mundane everyday life, and the way that gradually changes as Edward becomes a bigger part of her life. And of course meeting Edward for the first time and swooning right along with Bella!

  • Nonda Kendrick said:

    My favorite book would have to be New Moon. I find that a little odd because I am absolutely team Edward but I really felt the emotions in New Moon. It was very relatable and real.

  • Miki said:

    My favorite book is Twilight. It makes you feel that anything is possible and even an ordinary girl can have a happily ever after.

  • Kayla said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse!! I loved the adventure mixed with all the emotions and how the story line comes to a head!

  • Ana said:

    Why do you make me pick among the stars on the sky!? Oh well I will tell you that my less favorite book is New Moon (Edward left and he took away the light of the books) even if the reconciliation was amazing suffering that was horrible, so all the others are my favorites.I might no win, but I told the honest truth. :)

  • Melody Gonser said:

    My favorite book of “The Twilight Saga” is Eclispe. I sense how Bella and Edward have become a set, similar to salt and pepper shakers, complimenting each other while so different in natures. They have had enough trials in the past that they are now learning to talk and compromise to deepen their relationship and bond.
    I really enjoyed when near the end Alice points out how being a Cullen means always being responsible first and foremost. Bella understands and decides to do what is best for each given circumstance.

  • Samantha ring said:

    My favourite book from the series is Breaking Dawn. She really explored her characters and the world she created and made it the unexpected. Even with the mixed reviews she got, Stephenie Meyer stood strong for work. Her strength gave me great pride to be a fan of the saga and inspired me to be less fearful of judgement from others.

  • Denys said:

    Hey, I would say Eclipse in the Twilight series is my fave. Stephenie Meyer book. After the series rose to fame this book was greatly expected by people everywhere. Some people, like me, had to wait 2 years for it (05-07) but it was well worth the wait. The action, romance, and comedy of the book is well combined and easily read. Bella, Edward, and Jacob won’t be easily forgotten because of Eclipse, the one that rose up to climatic action and ended on an interesting note. It’s relatable, but with it’s own twist (of course, Vampires and werewolves!). Eclipse is also about self-discovery which I know helped a lot of people.
    I really hope I’m chosen for this! It would mean so much to me, and others I plan to use the book (if chosen) for spreading the joy. (:

  • Terra B. said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. I love how much happens and evolves in the book. Powerful, essential and evolving.

  • Jeff D. said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. She managed to bring more action to the series and not have it be strictly a romance book.

  • Samantha Potts said:

    I would have to say that Breaking Dawn is my favorite in the saga. I can’t help it but I’m a sucker for the final stuff. As an author myself, I hope one day that I will have a group of fans that rush to try to win a free copy of one of my books. :)

  • Michelle Nichols said:

    My favorite book Twilight. I think it really shows the struggles of the characters and the grit the will need in the future to make it to their happy ever after.

  • jeannie said:

    Eclipse is my favorite. I like that Bella finally comes to terms with each of her relationships with Jacob and Edward and what that really mean to her.

  • Tina said:

    Eclipse is my favorite book in the series because the love triangle comes to a head. Although I wanted to strangle Bella in this book, I think that’s part of the reason I love it so much-because my emotions were all over the place.

  • Kim said:

    Thanks for sacrificing your book. It is a quandary to choose but I would say Twilight because of the love and willingness to sacrifice that each character has for others. However, Breaking Dawn is just a breath away from being my favorite book.

  • Mary Johnson said:

    I think my favorite book is Eclipse. I like the fact that the wolves and vampires overcome their distrust of each other and work together.

  • Lois Truell said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because it completes the path that their lives are meant to take. It brings purpose to everything they have had to experience and to confirm that they are where they should be.

  • Meranda Huffman said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn for sure. When Bella and Edward get to finally start their life together is so promising. My favorite is the very last sentence all though it makes you want more!

  • Patricia Torres said:

    Twilight is my favorite. We get to meet Edward and his family. As in life, it’s the first encounter that we never forget!

  • Kasey said:

    I would have to say my favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be New Moon. The book helped me though a lot of life issues i was going through with depression. The emotion was very well written. Plus the ending of it was just amazing. Loved it!

  • Tuba Maryam said:

    I TOTALLY LOVE all the books!!!!
    I can’t choose one because all of them were SUPERB!!!!
    But if I have to choose, I’ll choose “Eclipse” because it was the turning point for Bella where she had to deal with a lot of things and choose her life. It was a complete book with adventure, action, romance, friendship and what not!!!
    It made me cry at certain parts . Edward and Bella had a better understanding in this book and all the characters become more mature. We get to know many characters better(Rosalie and Jasper). We see the warewolves and vampires co-operate with each other for the first time.
    My favorite character in the books is Edward and in Eclipse, we see him truly unselfish, caring, loving, sweet and every good word in every language. We get to see his strong human emotions.
    There’s a lot of tension in Eclipse among all the characters.
    In the end I would say it was about self-discovery and a book which truly touched my heart.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Cynthia said:

    My favorite book in the Twilight series is Twilight. The act of falling in love in this series (for the characters and for me) was a key point in my life and the lives of these characters.

  • Nina said:

    I have read all of Stephenie’s books and love them all. However, if I have to pick a favorite, it will have to be Twilight. Twilight was the catalyst to so many positive events in my life that no matter how much time goes by, it will always have a special place in my heart…and my bookshelf, of course! 😀

  • Luanne Rushing said:

    I have read the entire series 12 times and my favorite book is New Moon. The emotions that Bella go through are so painful and real. Her relationship with Jacob is so sweet. But, for me, the reunion in Italy is magic….

  • Jessie Al-Rashid said:

    My favorite book depends on my mood and what is going on in my life at a particular time. But I would say overall it’s probably Eclipse. It has everything, the action with the newborns, the love triangle, the kiss with Jacob and Bella finally realizing that she is in love with him too.

    The other book that I adore is The Host. The themes and characters are more mature, their growth more pronounced, and the book really strikes a cord with me.

  • Rhonda Kolb said:

    While I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Twilight related literature by Stephenie Meyer (including The Short Second Life of Brie Tanner”, my is your favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I liked Brie (perfect timing for publication) as it helped to explain one of the final scenes in Eclips. However, Breaking Dawn has all the romance the prior books in the saga have lead up to. I loved reading the wedding, honeymoon, and their new home life details! In fact, I couldn’t get enough and have read this book more than any other in my life!

  • Janine Gardiner said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. I love how Bella finally realises that a life of a vampire is the one she wants and that Edward is finally accepting of the fact that Bella wants to and should be part of his life forever.

    I love how it ends with the battle with Riley and Victoria and how Edward develops a relationship with Seth that we see more of in Breaking Dawn.

    I just love it!

  • larissa said:

    my name is larissa and i am 12 years old. i live in the netherlands and i’m a huge fan of the twilight books! i’d like breaking dawn the most because bella turns into a vampire! and because you can follow the story from jacobs side and bellas side.i hope that sometime stephanie will come to the neherlands!
    i vote for TEAM EDWARD!!!

  • Jennifer said:

    Only one book? Okay that is a hard one. I would have to say “Twilight” is my overall favourite. Everything is new and unknown. And when I first read it is was not well known and I didn’t know that Edward was a vampire…so that was exciting and different. I was able to read this book with no outside influence. I literally bought the book because I thought the cover looked cool. (I know you should not judge by the cover… but I am glad I did in this case)

  • Trine said:

    My favourite book?… That’s a hard one… it has to be:
    -“The Host” cuz it’s such an amazing book! She wrote it so awesome! And it was so amazing to read something that she wrote a little bit differenter than “Twilight” (even though I love Twilight) but still as catching.
    -or “Bree Tanner” cuz it’s also an amazing book! It was so exciting to read the story from another mind. Just love it!
    -or “Twilight” cuz that’s where it all started, and that is just the best book in the world!It’s an amazing amazing amazing book!
    I’m a total addict to Stephenie Meyer’s books!

  • michelle leavy said:

    even though its not finished i think midnight sun is my favorite! i really loved reading it from edwards POV, it was amazing to see the struggles he went through dealing with his new love for bella! breaking dawn was my favorite completed book ;).

  • Ale said:

    My fav book is Eclipse…in every page we understande a little more about Edward and Jake minds and feelings. Great !!!

  • Angela said:

    Even though I love all her books, I would have to say Eclipse is my favorite book. There was so much depth into the characters past. The combination of action, growth and comedy made it by far my favorite!

  • Evangeline said:

    i love breaking dawn because of the tension and adrenaline but basically stephanie meyers is amazing i love just how she puts her characters into perspective. so bd would have 2 be my fav but i would readanything her or ny of the twilight sstars books

  • Crystal Booker said:

    I love all of her books bc they just pull you right into the story. You are another character not just someone reading the book. I’d have to say that The Short Second Life… is my favorite though bc she takes a somewhat meaningless character and makes you love her. In the end you feel relieved for her instead of emptiness for a name you otherwise would have forgotten.

  • Tori said:

    New Moon is my favorite Stephanie Meyer book. I love it because I am Team Jacob and I loved to see the developing romance between Jacob and Bella! <3

  • rachel ford hatton said:

    I love the entire series i have started getting the animated series now but since i have to pick just one it would be breaking dawn. Only because bella has been torn between jacob and edward but she knows where her heart truely lies and thats with edward. I have read the series so much i own 5 copies of each book just because they are so worn out now my fiance laughs cause i can recite them by heart. But breaking dawn bella really gets all her heart and soul could ever want she has edward and is tied to him every humanly possiable way and then she is blessed with renesmee she has feared for so long that once she is a vampire that she will loose jacob but she doesnt due to jacob imprinting on renesmee. And to beat it all she can control herself around humans then finally thr shocker she is a sheild. What held me was when she was able to protect everyone she loved and more and in the end she let her sheild down and let edward finally into her head that was the most powerfull moment. I just wish stephanie would write a few more for the series so all of us can read how they all are doing and how renesmee and jacob does. And maybe even the cullens taking out the vultori that would be cool. I own the this book but it would be awesome to get a signed copy that i could put up for my 4 girls they would be so honored. Thank you stephanie for writeing such a great series.

  • rachel ford hatton said:

    I love the entire series i have started getting the animated series now but since i have to pick just one it would be breaking dawn. Only because bella has been torn between jacob and edward but she knows where her heart truely lies and thats with edward. I have read the series so much i own 5 copies of each book just because they are so worn out now my fiance laughs cause i can recite them by heart. But breaking dawn bella really gets all her heart and soul could ever want she has edward and is tied to him every humanly possiable way and then she is blessed with renesmee she has feared for so long that once she is a vampire that she will loose jacob but she doesnt due to jacob imprinting on renesmee. And to beat it all she can control herself around humans then finally thr shocker she is a sheild. What held me was when she was able to protect everyone she loved and more and in the end she let her sheild down and let edward finally into her head that was the most powerfull moment. I just wish stephanie would write a few more for the series so all of us can read how they all are doing and how renesmee and jacob does. And maybe even the cullens taking out the vultori that would be cool. I own the this book but it would be awesome to get a signed copy that i could put up for my 4 girls they would be so honored. Thank you stephanie for writeing such a great series!!!!!!

  • G. Griffin said:

    corrected email address

  • Cara Konieczny said:

    My favorite Twilight book is Twilight itself. Mainly because of the way it made me feel while reading it for the first time. I had just ended a serious relationship at the time and felt dead inside. This book sparked something in me. I made me feel passion again. It replaced the passion that my life was lacking. I must say…it was a great substitute. Every girl wants that kind of love, am I was no exception.

  • Kim S said:

    I have only had a chance to read the 4 main books of the Twilight Saga-as my library doesn’t have either The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner or The Host. But I cannot choose which of those books is the best. Twilight does an excellent job of capturing the fear, excitement, and urgency of new and true love. New Moon embodies the devastation of that true love being lost, and brings the reader through the desperation of trying to find one reason to live after-not just survive-the heart’s destruction, and then makes our hearts soar once that true love is once again realized and recognized. Eclipse perfectly embodies the fact that you can love more than one person, and the realization of self and where you belong. And Breaking Dawn…well, Breaking Dawn shows us that even though love is perfect, life isn’t. It brings us through the trials and tribulations of love and life and shows us that love is enduring, and that once you find your soulmate that you would walk through the fires of hell to be with our loved ones. It shows us that love exists on many different levels, family and friends, as well as for your life partner, and that love endures all. I would love for the chance to own and read The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, because I’m sure it is the perfect supplementation of The Twilight Saga.

  • Heather said:

    I love all the books of Twilight but I could have to say Eclipse is my best but the others aren’t far behind it. I say this because twilight is the opening of the stories.. introduction of characters, shows the love starting and getting more in dept with Bella and Edward. In Twilight its all about edward and bella pretty much… their love… you fall in love with ther fairy tale. In new moon you kinda wanta hate edward for doing that to Bella. Then you read how jake and bella grow in friendship, a very close one. New moon is all about bella being hurt and jake healing her somewhat. Then eclipse brings all 3 of them together… shows how this one normal girl can have a fairy tale either way she goes.. differnt but still fairy tale… it shows what they will do for her. I love all the 3rd book is the one that makes the first 2 “come together”. Of course breaking dawn is awesome and has alot of action and of course brings the endding down… I hated the endding, I wanted the book to go on and on lol.. But it had to end… all good things have to. Eclipse is deff the one that brought everything together and you really start to envy bella a bit lol.. Thank you for one of the greatest series I have read.

  • krissyann said:

    I have also read all of Stephanie Myers books. Of course I love them all but my favorite and the one I reread over and over is Breaking Dawn. At the beginning Bella and Edward are swept into this romantic ideal and for a moment I think they feel “normal”. But it doesn’t last and we are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions just like we have all felt in our life just a little bit more dramatic. At the end Bella finally feels true happiness and feels as if she has finally found her place in the world with everyting that anyone could truly want; an adoring husband, a beautiful healthy child, a supportive family. Don’t we all wish for this?

  • Kim Mills said:

    Twilight, because it’s where I fell in love :)

  • Katie said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn, because it ties everything together…. Bella becoming vampire, Jacob imprinting etc. But I love the entire Twilight Saga!!!

  • Melanie Cole said:

    My favorite of them all is New Moon, mostly because I can identify with a lot of the things that the characters are going through in the story, and it gives such a description of heartbreak you almost feel as if you were the one who was left behind. It also obtains a lot of my favorite subject matter such as vampires and Native American culture. While I was reading the series for the first time, I wanted to read New Moon again as soon as I finished. Its a great read!

  • mary wiseley said:

    I enjoyed this book about Bree, I read it online. I would like to have a copy of the book but I’m a single mom so my priorities are to them first. Thank You for giving us all a chance to win the book!!

  • Jayne Butcher said:

    I think eclips is my favorite. Edward and Bella really get to explore their relationship and Bella finally confronts her feelings for Jacob!

  • Andrew said:

    Am torn with what I class as my favorite book in the Twilight Saga.

    It’s between Twilight and New Moon. Twilight because I fell under its spell. I got caught up in the romantic of it all!

    But New Moon has a slight edge over Twilight. It’s darker and went into a completely different direction with Edward breaking up with Bella.

  • Francesco Firrao said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book? simple.. New Moon.. I’m crazy for the others Twilight Saga’s book, but New Moon is the book who really get me IN THE SAGA..
    Because in the books and in movies I like the evil character..or perhaps the ones who are very powerful, intriguing and boost the story..
    And here there are the Volturi… the keepers of the law in vampiric society..
    and the travel of Bella and Alice to Volterra, in Italy..to save Edward’s life..
    And I’m Italian..and for the love of this book I later became an extra in New Moon movie, when they are shooting in Montepulciano..
    New Moon is my real door to Stephenie Meyer’s World of Twiligth..

  • Melissa Baran said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the Twilight series. I love how it show Bella finally evolving into character that saves everyone. I also love the relationship between Renesme and everyone else. I also enjoy seeing the various covens and what they can do.

  • Joan Bryant said:

    My favorite Twilight book is Eclipse. It’s my favorite because it skillfully blends the action and romance of the story and contains a lot of suspense.

  • Cindy Dupree said:

    I love in order, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and the New Moon. I’m on my 16th reading of the series right now. SM is a great writer and would be honored to have a book signed by her.

  • Brandon Michael said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. Having read the saga later into The Twilight Saga’s success, I knew way too much going into the books. Breaking Dawn was the only book that had surprises for me. I knew nothing that was in the third book of Breaking Dawn and it made it so much better and much more emotional while reading. Don’t get me wrong, even though I knew basic plot, storyline, or little bits and pieces along the way, I still got to discover exactly what Meyers wrote into each book and discover the series for myself.

  • Sarah Camp said:

    My favorite book of her’s is Eclipse. I just love how much better you get to know each character and in the end how even the wolves come to help out. The action and romance make a perfect balance in this book!

  • Paula Prickett said:

    Stephanie Meyers is a wonderful and creative writer all of her books are good. In the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn is the best because it brings so much together and helps Jacob find his true north and reason to exist. It shows the strength of family ties and keeps the core values.

  • Amy said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is The Host. I love the characters (Ian *swoon), the plot, the message- pretty much everything about it!

  • Sarah said:

    My favorite book is Twilight because of the love story between Edward and Bella. The excitement of new love it always great! I will say that Breaking Dawn comes in as a close second only because they finally have sex, but it is not first because they were stupid and she got pregnant, which ruined the whole story for me honestly.

  • Heather said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Twilight. It was so original and it’s what started the entire series. I love reading about the beginning of Edward and Bellas relationship. Of course, if Stephanie ever decided to publish Midnight Sun I think that would be my favorite :)

  • Jessica said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Eclipse. I enjoyed Edward acting like a non-perfect, jealous teenaged boy!

  • charlotte said:

    my favorite Stephanie Meyer was twilight until i started reading the sequels!!! and now it’s breaking dawn cause i think that it’s like an accomplishment of the story. but if she would decide to publish Midnight Sun I think that would be my new favorite book for the first chapters that i read were awesome!!!

  • Brittany Williams said:

    I love them all. But my favorite is Breaking Dawn because Edward and Bella finally get married and then they have a baby. I also like it when Bella turns into a vampire.

  • Caitlin said:

    All of Stephenie Meyer’s books are my favorite, she is an amazing author! So it is hard to pick!(:

  • Tawnya said:

    Oh, I would love to win this book. I loaned mine out, and it’s been lost. I am sad, but can’t afford to replace it, now.

    My favorite book is Eclipse because Bella finally realizes everything she will be giving up. She can finally make an informed decision, and know that is the best decision for her.

  • Katriece Kearns said:

    Finally SOMETHING u can win in the u.k
    im mad about the books , twilight being my favourite as it introduces all the characters and sets the sene and describes bella’s life , Stephanie is such a creative writer xx hats off too her :) xx

  • Alicia Saechao said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book would have to be Eclipse. There’s a lot of action and we get to read more about characters like Rosalie and Jasper’s background.

  • Sarah said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I have read it 15 times. The satisfaction of Bella and Edward finally getting married and Bella finally becoming a vampire intrigues me. I love the action and seeing things happen from Jacob’s perspective. Bella’s pregnancy makes everything more interesting and shapes the rest of the book. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!

  • Merry DeJohn said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorit but i do like all of them, but breaking dawn has the wedding that we all have been waiting for so long. With new moon i cry in it becouse it is a love that hardly ever gets. Stephanie Myers is to me one of the most tatlented writers in this centery.

  • Kate Donnelly said:

    Ok so it kinda complex and to some may make no sence but the way in wich i read the books i always thought that Edward and Bella should be together making me a strong ‘Team Edward’ so inthe begining Twilight was my odviouse choice as a favourite as it centered around Bella and Edward falling madly in love with no comlications (in the begining anyway!) after awile thought i began to prefer Eclipse for its humor love triagle action and to be honest the proposal scene but being dificult i yet again changed my mind to Breaking Dawn as it was the longest it had the wedding and bella finaly has her happy ending and in ways there all my favourite but i now realize that New Monn is my favourite and yeah it depresses me in SO many ways but i realized i have never been happier than when Alice came back and i can remember back to the first time i read New Moon that i cried for days over Edward and i kinda cheated i looked at the back of Eclipse and i found that Edward came back then i flicked throught to whare his name got mention and found that it started getting the spoken og in ch.16 Paris and i can remember just sitting throught some football match wondering ‘How the hell does Paris ever come into the story? Does bella go to paris and see them there?(That was my best guess belive it or not!)so to me New Moon was also the most trilling to read,the sadest to read the happiest to read and all in all my favourite to read!I hope that you will consider me in winning the signed novella as i live in Ireland and i have not a hope in hell of ever meating Stephenie Meyer here thought it is almost as rainey as Forks…oh well! Please consider me to win! I love the site and check it out daily! kate Donnelly x

  • Anna said:

    It’s a toss-up for me between Eclipse and The Host. Eclipse is such a tightly-written story that keeps going from beginning to end, while The Host is such a fascinating concept to me, with new, interesting characters that I enjoyed spending time with.

  • Annalese Wilbanks said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn! I just love the whole story line of that book. It keeps you interested the whole time, and it will get you wanting to know what is going to happen continusly. I love The whole series I have read it twice..but i do have to say breaking dawn is my favorite! Thanks for writing such great books stephenie Meyer!<3

  • Samantha said:

    This is soooo cool ! I would LOVE this ! 😀 pleaseee(:

  • Rianna said:


  • Tom said:

    I like the original Twilight book because it does a good job introducing the characters.

  • Brandy said:

    I love the entire Twilight Saga series, but Twilight is my favorite because it is the one that started my love affair with all these characters in Forks! There’s a special place in my heart for the first one because it was the one that gave us the beginning of this amazing story.

  • kyla said:

    Tough question! I would have to say Breaking Dawn…there are SO many reasons…
    1)it’s great to see things through Jacob’s eyes. 2)the HONEYMOON!! 3) seeing Jacob finally at peace with Renessmee 4) getting a newborn’s POV ….but my FAVORITE part 5) the short exchange between Edward, Bella, and Jacob right before the Volturi confrontaion in which Edward calls him “son”… just beautifully written and leaves such an emotional sense of peace and closure on the tension between them!

  • Jodiwendel global said:

    This book follows the same great pattern of giving us an up front and close look into her characters. I loved it and feel it belongs with the series. Would love a signed copy.

  • Sarah said:

    I’m totally in love with Twilight (as in book #1). It’s the beginning and nothing can beat when Bella met Edward. Mrs. Meyers did an amazing job and I’m a huge fan.

  • KareyElly said:

    Im in love with all the Twilight books. If I had to pick a favorite I would probably say Eclipse because I really like the dynamic between Bella and Edward after New moon and I like that it’s the book that has both vamps and wolves. Also it has the proposal in it :)

  • Lily said:

    I would be very fortunate to win this amazing prize!

  • Genny said:

    My favorite SM book is Breaking Dawn. Bella becomes the person she is ment to be, which is proven by how easily she takes to being a “vegetarian” vampire.

  • ashley stanbery said:

    My favorite book is New Moon. Im def team Jacob so it was nice to finally see him bond with Bella. She did a great job showing how the triangle gets it start. Im a huge fan, love all the books really!

  • isabel villalobos said:

    My favorite book in the series, definitely breaking dawn, because that’s where you feel all kinds of emotions (though twilight too) love comes out all its leaves, it feels a flood of emotions (which is what I look for in a book), there is so much happiness or sadness, love and hatred, quarrels and reconciliations, and also because we see the prospect of another member of this successful book … Although it is the ending this wonderful story is my favorite book xD

  • Megan Ilsley said:

    My favourite book is definately Eclipse. I am 100% team Edward, so it’s always a huge releif when she chooses him over Jacob. Eclipse really develops the story a lot more than the other books, showing Bella’s reasons for choosing Edward or Jacob. Bella’s interractions with other members of the Cullen clan also help to develop the story, and the relationship between Bella and the other characters, as well as with Edward. The chapter in which Edward and Jacob discuss their feelings in the tent is my favourite chapter in all of the books put together. It shows that Edward does not just love Bella and care for her, he respects her feelings and judgement. Though I adore all of the Twilight books. x

  • Gaby Pineda said:

    I love all of the books but my favorite would be twilight because that’s where everything starts and it shows how bella and edwards love begins to form

  • Jackie Mc Manus said:

    Hi my favourite book is Twilight ive read them all from the saga but twilight had everything romance, friendship, suspense, murder everything U could ask for and at the end it leaves it open to will they last will she change will he change her brilliant loved it + the rest of the series love U Stephenie ill get the rest of ur books outside the series so bring em on any book from U ill read so thank you love + hugs Jackie xoxox

  • kelly said:

    For me it’s a toss up between Breaking Dawn as Bella is finally turned into a vampire and I love reading about the transformation, also it is interesting to read parts of the story from Jacobs point of view. And also The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is my other fave as you get to see the darker side of the vampires, and I cried at the ending as I just felt so sorry for Bree and Diego. I found myself wishing for a happier ending for those two even though I knew how it would end. It’s hard not to feel for Bree

  • Deanna Inkson said:

    My favourite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I like the way Stephanie writes the book in Bella’s view (the same as all the other books) but she also writes it from Jacobs view which shows how jacob feels about the situation. I also love the way Stephanie describes all the other vampires and how each and everyone of them has their own unique story. My final thing I love about Breaking Dawn is how even though Bella becomes a vampire she still keeps to her ‘old’ self. x

  • Christie said:

    My favorite book, by far, was Breaking Dawn. It was so involved with intrigue and mystery and romance and hope.

  • Keisha said:

    Gave you so much insight into the backstory of all that was going on in Seattle while Bella and Edward and the Cullens were in Forks just reading about it. You got to see what was really going on in the heads of this new vampire army but realized that you could sympathize a little with Bree. In the end though you realized that Bree did matter because she was able to give the Cullens that bit of an edge when Breaking Dawn came because they already knew that the Volturi weren’t on the up and up like they were always claiming to be as the vampire royals.

  • Nancy Ouellette said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is hard to choose because they all have a little something. If i had to choose in the books related to the saga i would say eclipse because he is the perfect balance between romance, heart break and action and the caracter of Bella is doing some serious growing up in that one and it’s really the book where she finally accept who she is and who she want to be and become. But outside the saga i alse totally adore The host!!

  • Kimberly T. said:

    My favorite book by Stephanie would be Breaking Dawn. I love the fact that she wraps the series up (although I would love if she made more), and the battle of whits between the Cullen’s and the Voltouri kept me in my seat. I have to admit, I’ve read the series a few times, but Breaking Dawn keeps me coming back. She is such a great writer that it’s hard not to re-read her works. I can’t wait to read the new one about Bree, I just checked it out from the Library and can’t wait to sit down and read it.

  • faith white said:

    my favorite twilight book is breaking dawn. I LOVE this book because it is so romantic, this book is not only romantic but also so sweeet i love it at night no matter how many times ive read it i pick it up and read it again everynight. the reason for loving this book is because stephanie meyer creates such a good image i dont even need to see the movie to know what it will look like i can see bella going dawn the isle with her dad, and i can see the honeymoon, how the expression is on the maids face when she sees bella holding her stomach, i can see how bella feels when she holds her baby renesmee, and when the burning stops how she feels to see her family feels, i can also see how bella feels when aro and the others approch. i would love to have this book. if i got this book i would read it everynight. ive read this book once until it had to go back to the public library and i would love to read it again if it wasnt checked out all the time or i owned it.

  • Kelsey Black said:

    My favorite book is Twilight, the first one. It is my favorite because that is when I first meet these characters.

  • sharon said:

    I think my favorite book it has to be twilight.
    it was it started it all and to see all the good and the bad in the world. also to learn how to love someone and not be so scared on loving that person. I love that book because i got to see how someone like edward cullen handsome, and sort of popular with the girls didnt want any of them but just one. he choose to love one and no other. it also teaches you that you dont have so beautiful to be with someone like edward cullen.
    I love how the cullens are so close together, they all take care of each other and they are very family oriented and i love that. Its a great book and also it goes to show you how much love people can learn and how much they will go the distance for it.

  • Erin said:

    I’d have to say that Eclipse is my favorite by Stephanie Meyer. The Cullens and the Quileutes always had their treaty, but this book is the first time they ever blurred the lines of that treaty. First, as a means of better protecting Bella. Then they team up to take on the newborns. The idea of two preternatural beings, the kind that tradtionally FEED on the defenseless humans, teaming up and standing side by side in a fight to protect the humans of Washington is really cool to me. I feel like Stephanie Meyer evokes a lot of thought from her readers when writing things like that into her books and this is my favorite example.

  • Abigaile Tamosauskaite said:

    My favorite book of Stephenie Meyer is definitely New Moon. It was the first book of the series that i read and the book that changed my life forever. After reading it I started reading other books,which i never did. It was the first book in my life that made me cry. The only book that I could feel like I’m in character’s shoes.I felt all the pain Bella felt and it made me forget my real life problems. Helped me to get out of daily life. And reading it i finally felt in love and being loved. Thanks to Stephenie!

  • Sierra Christy said:

    My favorite book would have to be Eclipse. Bella went through so much, and it was interesting reading about the choices she made, especially the one where she choses between Edward and Jacob.

  • Missy said:

    My favourite book by Stephenie Meyer must be New Moon, because I love the way she captures the moments between Bella and Jacob, most of all I find the Jacob’s behaviour really amazing and true. I didn’t like the book at first, but the more times I read it, the moe I loved it!

  • Sophia M said:

    My favourite book is Breaking Dawn because I really like the way it is split into 3 and partially written from a different perspective and the whole storyline is so imaginative. Stephanie Meyer is an incredible author to come up with such original, creative ideas. She is an inspiration to everyone.

  • valerie said:

    it was nice to have the point of view of the newborn vampire expecially with the 3rd book where they go on a battle against the cullen .
    stephenie meyer really did a great job with those books

  • Jan White said:

    My favorite book is Twilight. I have just joined the “Twilight Saga” bandwagon and I love the original book. It was such a great love story.

  • Laura said:

    My favourite book would have to be Eclipse because I just loved the tent scene – poor Edward, having to listen in to Jacob’s thoughts. Not to mention Bella punching Jacob… as a Team Edward typa gal, this really cracked me up, even if it didn’t hurt Jake.

    Girl power!

  • Laurie said:

    Very difficult to chose a favorite; I love the whole series! Bree Tanner brings in another side to the story, and that was great! If I did need to pick a favorite, I would say that it is Eclipse! All the choices that Bella has to make, the power of love and friendship. I hope that she finished Midnight Sun someday too! Love Stephenie Meyer, would love to win this book, thanks for offering it!

  • Martina said:

    My favourite Stephanie Meyer book would have to be Breaking Dawn. I love it because you get to see many different sides of many characters, and you get to meet new vampires that you have heard of in all
    the other books.

  • danibella10 said:

    I could not decide which one is my favorite .. simply because the books are beautiful .. but for which I decide is by “Eclipse”, because this book speaks more than any shows both what a person feels in difficult times undecided .. him as a choice to not hurt someone with the decision made. in this book she expresses as Bella is confused, treacherous, you feel bad .. well .. sometimes shows how much is that Edward loves her, or how wrong I was about “friendship”of Jacob. If I could choose which of the books is better I decided that it is “Eclipse”is the best way to express the situation that many people may have on many occasions in life. and finally I can only say that despite all want their books .. have to thank him for his great writing .. books .. and I congratulate you and I think you should go well .. bye good luck moving forward.

  • Natalia said:

    My Favourite book by Stephanie is Breaking Dawn. This is because in my opinion its a compilation of everything from the previous books put into one successfull amazing ending. As someone that didnt read books before this sage really caught me on. It took me about 1month to read Twilight, 3 weeks to read New Moon, 1 week 4 days to read Eclipse and only 5 days to read Breaking Dawn even though it is the largest book. Iv read the short second life of bree tanner too.. and i think its amazing because you get to see the acount of a real newborn and get to see what Victoria was really up to and that Riley wasnt all as he seemed.

  • Christina said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is currently Breaking Dawn. I like how it works out for everyone in the end. I love Twilight & how they meet & I love New Moon & Eclipse & the story they tell, but I’ve always been a sucker for a happy ending.

  • Amanda C said:

    I would say my favorite book in the Twilight series is “Twilight” because it introduced me to the amazing world of Bella and Edward, the Cullens and Jacob. “Twilight” well, Stephenie got ne as addicted to reading again as I was as a child! “Twilight” is also my favorite because when Edward left in “New Moon” I was sooooo dang mad

  • Rebecca Todd said:

    My favorite book by Stephanie Meyer would have to be Midnight Sun! i know its not published and its not even finished but i love the book from Edwards point of view because i’ve never fully understood how he feels about Bella and its nice to get a second view and opinion on things in Twilight. But if i did have to choose a published book i would probably choose Eclipse because I love the relationship between Edward and Bella and I love how they negotiate and Bella realizes all she wants in life is Edward! It’s really a sweet book if you get past Victoria trying to kill Bella and the ending of eclipse is amazing!!!

  • Cassidy said:

    Breaking Dawn has to be my all time favorite Twilight book! I think it was the most interesting as far as conflcits between the Volturi and the Cullens…It was incredible suspenseful until the very end!! Meyer kept me on the egde until the end…I hope that she continues the Saga! :)

  • Laura Baxendale said:

    i love all of the books, but breaking dawn has to be my favourite because there are just so many levels to it. and i love h=that bella and edward can finally be close to eachother. i also like that you get jacobs point of view, because we get to see how hard it is for him to try and let go of bella and it leaves what happens to her for a while to our imagiation. not many people like the ending, but i thought it was perfect, and was so happy that bella can now share her thoughts with edward. and who could forget renesmee? she is probably my favourite character and i cant wait to see her on screen. i loved finally knowing what life is like through the eyes of a vampire. LOVE LOVE LOVE breaking dawn <3

  • Michelle said:

    New Moon is my favorite Twilight Saga book and it premieres on Showtime tonight! I guess I know what I’ll be doing all month!

    New Moon is th emost moving and painful book for me. It is the hardest book to read and movie to watch but it needed to be done. Edward couldn’t say he’d done everything if he hadn’t tried to walk away. Sigh…….Edward……


  • Kyla said:

    My favorite book by Stephenie is Breaking Dawn. I couldn’t stop turning the pages!

  • ashley said:

    twilight is amazing. Stephanie myer is deffinately on of my favorite authors ever and this would be an amazing gift. team jake all the way

  • Ala said:

    My favorite book in the series is Twilight. I think that it’s the most interesting and better written. Twilight was much more suspensful because its the beginning.

  • lois leach said:

    my favourite book is eclipse because I think that is when edward and bella’s relationship goes to the next level and edward proposes. I like how the book really makes you feel things, as there were so many times where my heart was beating so fast!! I also love how we learn about the pasts of jasper and rosalie, and how they finally defeat victoria! :)

  • Summer said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is twilight because it’s just so romantic!

  • Maria Castanon said:

    I would really like to win!

  • Crystal Barcenas said:

    My favorite book by Stephanie Meyer is Breaking Dawn. I like how she concludes the whole series. Just wish she would write more on the Twilight Series

  • Billie said:

    I think my favourite Stephenie Meyer book is probably The Host. It’s just amazing, and I love just the whole idea of it, and it’s written brilliantly. I just adore it. Actually I think I might have to read it again now! xD

  • Kaitlyn said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book would have to be Breaking Dawn Because there is so much going on and i could not put the book down it only took me like 2 days to read it. and i can not wait for the movie to come out. I love comparing the movies to the books because they do such a good job with the movies.

  • Yeleana said:

    My favorite book from Stephenie is Breaking Dawn because it’s the book where Bella and Edward finally get married and are together physically. It’s really a great book and it has romance and intensity but it’s funny at parts, too. I hate that there’s a part with just jacob and I hate he imprints on Renesmee, I’m Team Edward all the way and I hate jacob but putting aside the things bout Jacob in the book, I love Breaking Dawn and I love it because it’s when finally we see that happy ending of Bella and Edward. That book really shows how much they love each other because in the fight where they’re trying to protect Renesmee Bella chooses to stay with Edward, she could’ve saved herself and go with Renesmee but she preferred to stay with Edward and save Renesmme and that’s just so touching. Their love has so much intensity and that book really shows that in many parts so that’s why it’s my favorite book from Stephenie.

  • Jessica Lee Blacknall said:

    I adore New Moon because it shows some of the struggles on the road to “happily ever after.” Even those who are meant to be don’t have it perfect, and my heart was wrenching for Bella AND Jacob.

  • Ryan Love said:

    My Favourite Stephanie Meyer Book Is Breaking Dawn. I Say This As Stephanie Meyer Sort Of ‘Wraps Up’ Everything That Has Been Continuing On From The Past 3 Books (Twilight, New Moon And Eclipse). It Gives What The Last 3 Books Had, Wrapped Up Into One : Romance, Action/Fighting And The Volturi, and it also has more to offer! One Of My Favourite Things About This Book Is That Bella Finally Gets What She Desires – Or In Some Cases, What She Deserves And That Is Immortality. We Get To See The Cullens Team Up With Fellow Clans And Face-off With The Volturi Which I Personally Love About The Book. In My Opinion, Although Breaking Dawn Revolves Around Fiction, Stephanie Meyer Lets Her Audience Relate To Her Book – Whether It Be The Bella And Edward Romance, Or The Cullens Coming Together As A Family – Which I Think Is Really Important. Finally, I Love The Fact That The Volturi Could Come Back At Any Given Time. One Of Only A Few Books Which I Have Read And Loved. The Only Part About It Which I Did Not Like Was The Fact It WAS Wrapping It Up (I Don’t Want It Too :'( )

  • Megan Landreth said:

    My favorite book would have to be New Moon. It is really on point on how it is to lose that first true love and the depression and loss of self you feel. The way Bella holds herself together literally because of the whole is exactly how I felt. And then her reaction to Jacob as a best friend maybe could be more… Great! But in the end choosing Edward but still having the skepticism of herself and his feelings at first. So on point. I love them all, but this one is my favorite.

  • Ryan Love said:

    I Like Breaking Dawn The Best As It Gives You The Book From, Not Only Bella’s View, But From Jacob’s As well.

  • Jennifer said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyers book is Breaking Dawn. I like the last one in the series because Bella finally becomes Bella. She is sure of herself and once she becomes a vampire shows us just what a strong person she can be. I have been so tired of people saying that Bella is weak and that Edwards would be considered a stalker and obsessive. But Breaking Dawn shows us all that this is not the case. This last book also shows exactly why Jacob feels such a strong connection with Bella. He feels he should imprint on here but it hasn’t happened, and that is because he needed to wait till she had a daughter.

  • karen said:

    It is so hard to choose, I have read them all a few times now, twlight does create the story and get you hooked (but we are all waiting for (and wanting) the wedding and honeymoon and the change)

  • Chris Franklin said:

    I absolutely love the Twilight series. I have read them 4 times each and listen to them on audio whenever I’m in the car. I had not read a book in over 20 years, before my son convinced me to start reading the first book. Thank you Stephanie for renewing my love of reading.

  • Sandy Holm said:

    I love the entire series and it is so difficult to pick only one! I would have to say that Twilight is my favorite because I enjoyed how Bella found out about Edward and the unique way they fell in love.

  • Devin Capper said:

    hey twilights fans out there in the world!!! Hey i haven’t read any of the books yet but i have seen the movies- im not a big reader of books!!! but if i had to choose one it would be Twilight (first one) because thats the one who got me into seeing the movies in the theaters which i only read the back!! The book seem to pull me in into the better part of my choice by the back that i had read from the back.. pretty much all the books are good and the movies also too… I also want to give Twilight a great congrats on the winning of the Peoples Choice Awards the other night here in the states.. Thanks again to the writer of twilight for getting me away from harry potter books lol its okay! but congrats on getting the books into the hands of children and the adults instead of them doing bad on the streets and getting into trouble by the law and the reading in the schools around the world.. if they want to read something for a book report let them read what they want and nothing else – through twilight many of the kids have the opportunistic minds to have something to read instead of games and television so i think this would a great reason to read of the twilight saga!!

    Devin Capper (23)
    Orlando, Florida

  • Ashleigh said:

    My favourite twilight saga book is definitely Eclipse because the story makes you feel so many different emotions; anger towards Victoria, happiness when Bella admits she is in love with both Edward and Jacob (I can’t decide what team I’m on), sadness when Jacob leaves as a wolf at the end, and so much more.

  • NICOLE said:

    mine was stolen by a friend. i need a new copy

  • MrsMelMaz said:

    Love the series and hoping one day the Side of Edward will make its way to us. I’m really glad Stephanie is persuing other stories. She has a talent that is fantastic. Keep us Reading!!

  • Antonia Raven said:


    I adore the twilight books sooo much! My fave is breaking Dawn. I adore renesmee sooo much she was a wonderful idea xD I chose breaking Dawn because I love the storyline and how it finishes up the sequel but still leaves room for you to continue it! It’s an amazing book from an amazing series . I love the wedding and honeymoon. I’m team Edward so Im glad bells got him in the end. The only problem is im kinda unsure about Jacob imprinting but then that works out too. I missed Alice tho she is one of my face characters!

    Another reason I love the book is that you can see the world from Jacobs point of view as well which adds even more interest to the book!

    I thank you Stephanie for all the hard work you our into writing these amazing books and I hope you continue writing in the future I’m obsessed with ur books!!!

  • Lisa Green said:

    I loved the entire series, but I have to say that “Breaking Dawn” was my fave! I have to say thank you to Stephanie Meyers because I was totally against being a reader before “Twilight”. I HATED reading. Now I can’t get enough and she’s the one that started it all. Thanks for everything!

  • Laura Barker said:

    I have read all of Stephenie Meyer’s books but I think that Twilight is my favorite! It is the first book to start out the time that Bella and Edward have together.

  • Lisa Hadley said:

    I love all Stephenie’s book but my favorite is still Twilight!!!! It show’s how Edward and Bella’s relationship starts and grows and it the most romantic of them all!!! The other books have romance in them but the chemistry of a new relationship and discovery is what makes the first one the best!

  • Juli Anne Ellis said:

    I’d have to say Twilight is my favorite. Thats when Bella figures things out and she gets to know Edward and his family. The action and emotion is fantastic!
    I always read it when I’m down and need some me time. Keep up the good work Stephenie!! :)

  • Jenn said:

    I loved the entire series, but I have to say that “Breaking Dawn” was my fave! Different POVs. Gotta love it.

  • Jessica said:

    My all time favorite book by Stephanie Meyer would be The Host. don’t get me wrong I LOVE the twilight series,but The Host just gives you something else to think about. It’s amazing how a mother who stays home and takes Care of her family can come up with these amazing stories.

  • Rocio said:

    I love all the Twilight Saga, but if I had to choose one would be Twilight `cause is the beggining and they are so insecure about the other and that is all the conflict they have (of course there is James after), Edward is just happy, without the mental torture that he expose him self in New Moon, Eclipse and part of Breaking Dawn, is the real Edward, the happy Edward, the Edward who lives in the moment. And Bella is so blown away and she is no worry either. Everything is so easy in most of Twilight, like in the end of Breaking Dawn.

  • Allie said:

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn because so many important things happen in that book to Bella, Edward and Jacob. And i love having Jacob’s perspective for a little bit!

  • Eris said:

    I haven’t read The Host yet, so I can’t be positive which of Stephenie’s books is my favorite… but out of the other five, I would choose Eclipse. I loved reading all the mini stories; the tribe’s history, Jasper’s past, and Rosalie’s story (my favorite!). Beyond that, Bella’s realization that she DOES feel something more for Jacob, and her final decision to stay with Edward forever… yeah. This story is totally my favorite. TEAM EDWARD. :3

  • Torgunn said:

    My favourite book is New Moon because i love Jacob,
    and it is very much going on between him and Bella in that book ^^,

  • Rose said:

    When My daughter first got me reading the first book Twilight, I was a little sceptical, another vampire book. But once I got into it I could not for the life of me put it down. When I finished reading the book I felt like I was in the book itself on the sidelines viewing everything going on. I reread the book the following week and really fell in love with it. When I got to new moon I could not stop crying when Edward left, I felt like my heart got broken as well. I could so relate to Bella’s depression and fellings. Eclipse just got better, as well as breaking dawn. Stephanie Meyer is amazing with this saga, that I wish she would continue after breaking dawn, she is an amazing author that really brings readers into what they are reading and viewing. My best regards to Stephanie that she may continue the awesome job she has displayed and I do not believe anyone can come as close to vampire/wolf saga like she has!!!!!

  • T.Moore said:

    MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE SAGA IS ECLIPSE!!! :)I chose that one because it showed me sides to Jacob(TEAM JACOB 4-ever!), Bella, and Edward that I never thought I would see! Jacob and Edward worked TOGETHER, Bella ASKED Jacob to kiss her, and best of all I got to know Bree Tanner! Among other things the book was filled with amazing twist and great action, everytime I read it I feel like Im there experiencing it with the characters myself! haha xD I would love this book to add to my collection of Twilight saga books! They really are something special. :)

  • CHRISSY said:

    I love all the books but the first one would be my favorite!! Thats how it all started. To see the love start with Bella and Edward is just soooo great!!

  • Mandy said:

    Twilight was always my favorite of Stephanie’s books. It was what started it all, where Edward and Bella met, and where their romance first blossomed. It was also how I became hooked in the first place. I love the other books in the series of course, but I think Twilight will always have a special place for me on its own.

  • Michelle said:

    My absolute favourite without a doubt is Twilight. The joy of being introduced to th charachter of Edward Cullen each time I read the book will never fade. I love reading all his poignant comments and learning of his strenghts and frailalties and weaknesses ….love love love it!

    Of course if Midnight Sun were released this would be my definate favourite as yo get all of the above but lots lots more of it.

  • Bethany Hawkins said:

    First I would like to say a big old thank you to Stephanie Meyer for taking a dream and making it into the most awesome books ever written. Before Twilight I had not read any vampire books, but since then I have read quite a few, but Stephanie Meyer will now and always be my favorite writer. The Host was a very good book also. I had to sit and think about which book to choose as my favorite….I still find it hard to just pick one but I guess if I have to choose it would have to be Breaking Dawn. In that book all the relationships progress and grow, Bella becomes a mother, Rosalie gets to expierence a child being born through Bella, Jacob finally imprints, it is just a well rounded book that brought me to tears. I love how it lets you really see through their eyes as life moves forward. I would love to see Stephanie writes more books for the Twilight Saga, I would for sure buy them…PLEASE Stephanie. Thanks for the awesome opportunity to share my feelings.

  • Kimberly said:

    My favorite is Twilight. It’s where you meet everyone and you get to see Edward and Bella fall in love.

  • Breffni said:

    My favourite Stephenie Meyer book is definitely Twilight. I love how this is the book in which Edward and Bella talk the most, they get to know each other, and they fall in love. Twilight has many aspects to it, like the birth of a meaningful relationship and the complexity of it being between a vampire and human, the struggle between right and wrong, among other things. I absolutely LOVE the fight between Edward and the sadistic James near the end of the book. However, my favourite part of the book is the day after the Port Angeles incident when Edward collects Bella for school and they get to know each other better :)
    It would be the most amazing start to what I hope will be a good year if I won the signed copy of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I am one of the biggest Stephenie Meyer fans in the world, so it would be a dream come true if I had a autographed copy of one of her novels!
    Thank you for reading my entry! 😀

    PS- I am Team Bella; I think she is the BEST! 😀

  • tammy said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. Mainly because after reading the series 8 times Breaking Dawn still makes me cry every time.

  • Rebecca said:

    My favourite Stephanie Meyer book has to be Twilight. The book is so personal and amazing. The description of Bella and Edward falling in love is beautiful. Some thing so forbidden has come true and they are fighting all odds. It’s just incredible. I’ve lost count on how many times I have read through The Twilight Saga but every single time it never loses it’s touch!

  • Dolly Moore said:

    My favorite book would have to be Breaking Dawn.
    I love how she wrote from Jacob’s and Bella’s point of view.
    The birthing scene was so descriptive I could smell the sulfur in her blood and I could feel the pain all over.
    Jacob imprinting on Nessie was the best idea ever throughout the whole book series, it made EVERYTHING perfect and it was a great way to end the series.
    All of the different vampires were intriguing, I always though of just the white sparkling skin until the vampires of ethnic backgrounds showed up. And all of their abilities were different, none two alike, which must of took a lot of effort to create.
    The way the volturi handled Nessie was horribly amazing, their spite and acceptance together was interesting.
    Breaking Dawn was the most descriptive and most beautifully written, and it is my 110% favorite book, not just from the series, but from every other book written to this day <3
    Enter me in the contest! 😀

  • Taylor said:

    Twilight is my favoute!!! I love this book and the whole new love. This is the book that got me into fantsy books!!

  • Meghan Reimer said:

    Hello! Well it is diffuclt to choose a fav Stephanie Meyer book- for all her books are just fabulous! But if I had to choose it would first be the Bree Tanner story- showcasing what it’s like to be a normal kind of newborn, you know that they are not necessarily bad, but that they are just being “a normal vampire”. But I would also choose from Bella and Jacobs point of view – Breaking Dawn, for that book will just shows it guts- it forces each character to their limit physically and emotionally, and just shows however supernatural they are, the react with very human emotions, and that to me is what makes it my fav of the series! :)

  • Lisa Fowler said:

    The book the Stephenie Meyer has choose not to put out that I would love to read would be Midnite Sunrise. I have been told that what they read of the book was so good that they wish she would finish it. Who ever took it needs to be beat. They took a book that would make someone like me who only read when I had to, and now all I do is read I think the Twilight saga books were great and these next set of books from Edward’s point of view would have made the first set of books even better. If I have to pick a book she has out right now it would be Breaking Dawn. It is funny,sad,action packed,heart stopping,and they all get what they want in the end. Bella becomes a mother and a vampire,Rosalie gets to make sure that the baby is born even though she will never have one. Jacob gets to imprint.I almost forgot Bella gets to arm wrestle Emmett and beats him it is so funny.

  • Veronica said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse because the fans get to know more of the backstories on Rosalie and Jasper(love him)! Also we get to see the way newborns act, something Bella can look forward too. 😀

  • Alejandra Ramirez said:

    My favorite book of the series… Definitely Twilight… Why? Cause is where it all begun and the reason why I fell in love with the series… As simple as that! 😀

  • Regina said:

    Twilight the 1st book, why the romance of this book compaired to the other ones so far.

  • angelica villalobos said:

    hmm my favorite book is eclipse because that is when bella and edward finally realize that they truely love each other.. when there truly open to each other plus all the action is awesome..

  • Amalie Vestergaard Thuesen said:

    The book of the books.
    Written by a fantastic, romantic and very smart writer named:
    Stephenie Meyer.
    The best book of all is Eclipse. It makes me laugh, cry and jump around in happines because Bella become Edward fiancé. Finaly:).
    Its dramatic, romantic AND can make you laugh.
    I have read it over 10 times and i still find things i dident find before.
    Its a beautiful thing you have made Stephenie and you help a lot of people to just go on standby and get away from the big bad world!!!
    Thank you.

  • Brittany said:

    My favorite book by stephanie Meyers whould have to be Eclipse. I think Eclipse is the best because of the things that happen and the details of the fight and the other stuff. Its also my favorite because, im a team edward fan and i loved Bella punching Jacob but i also liked how the vampires and werewolves actually made an aliance and worked together.

  • Elva said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. It captured me right from the beginning and I keep going back to it! Eclipse is a close second.

  • Pat Merced said:

    I loved reading all the books, but my favorite book was Breaking Dawn. They are finally together and get married and have their lives turned upside down yet again! The confrontation with the Volturi and the gathering of the clans was my favorite part of the book!

  • Orla Smith said:

    I would love to be the luckiest TwilightMom in the world and receive a copy of “The short second life of Bree Tanner” signed by the goddess of all goddesses herself…. Ms Stephenie Meyer.

    My Fav book of all the Twilight Saga Books is “Breaking Dawn”…we get to meet so many new and amazing friends of the Cullen coven…who are willing to stand by and put their life’s on the line for a friend….truth, justice and freewill to choose to stand against Aro and his coven…to fight for and to protect Edward and Bella’s little family unit…and of course there’s the happy nuptials, an unconventional birth and a happy ending, where good over comes evil…

  • Nicole said:

    Twilight is my favorite since that’s what started it all. It was such an easy book to read and it was hard to put it down!

  • Gurpreet said:

    I cannot pick just ONE Stephenie Meyer book because they’re all written so well. I have to say that the entire Twilight Saga is my favourite because well..who can pick one? Stephenie Meyer is amazing and I look forward to her future projects! :)

  • Delaney said:

    I REALLY WANT 2 WI!!!!!!! 😀 *PLZ PICK ME!!!* plz <3

  • Stephanie R said:

    Stephanie Meyer’s Books are amazing! Once I started reading them i jut couldn’t stop! Although I must say Breaking Dawn was one of my favorites! Keep the book’s coming Stephanie Meyer!

  • Delaney said:

    my fav. stephenie meyer book is Breaking Dawn mostly idk why it is my fav. but I think it is my fav. because i am obbssesed with twilight and it is the most interesting book yet. But The second short life of bree tanner is my second fav. AND I REALLY WANT 2 WIN IT!!!

  • Danielle said:

    I so enjoyed this book. It was fun seeing the story from a diffrent angel. How could it not be awesome it is Stephanie Meyer!!!!!!

  • Lesley G. said:

    Although anyone who knows me can confirm that I’m head over heels for the twilight saga, I’ve got to admit that the saga’s up against a very eligible competitor: “The Host”. I love this book not only because of the love story it holds, but also because it is one of very few books that I feel I could read numerous times and never tire of it. It kept me on the edge of my seat so much that I couldn’t help but stay up until the wee hours of the morning because I had “to read JUST one more chapter.” It’s unique in every aspect of the story and captures the reader’s attention and interest. Another thing I love is that I Stephanie continues her signature style of writing throughout this story so it still has some familiarity to it.

  • Emily said:

    My favorite book would be The Host. I never know what to expect in this book. It is full of surprises. Not only that, but it also teaches a good lesson to not judge someone based on race (or species :D).

  • Katie said:

    Hi! My favorite Stephenie Meyer novel is Breaking Dawn. I thought it was so fabulous :) It was so much fun to meet all of the vampires from all over the world and see Bella and Edward’s story come to a beautiful close. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  • Sharlea S said:

    my favourite stephenie meyer book has to be breaking dawn because the drama and the storyline all come together and it was the least i expected from reading the other 3 books, but i love it :)

  • Lynne said:

    I’d love to win!

  • Miichelle said:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting to like the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I just wanted it to complete my Twilight collection. I loved all of the books in the series and I have to say I LOVED this one as well. I read it in a couple of hours and, as usual per Stephanie’s work, was sucked into the story and could visualize everything that was happening to Bree. Loved it, wonderful backstory, made you wonder “what if she hadn’t been killed in Eclipse”.

  • Annika said:

    I think that the best book stephenie Meyer wrote would have to be Breaking Dawn, because it goes much deeper in many story lines. It really gives a different perspective on how Jacob really feels. We definitely get an idea on how he thinks and how the wolfpack works in the first three books but in Breaking Dawn it definitely comes first hand. Also, we get to know a lot more about the history of other vampires and all of the wonderful and exciting abilities they can have. The Volturi play a large role in the book and we learn about how they work in battle. Although this will probably be said many times I think the best part was how Edward and bella’s relationship developed and how they had Nessie definitely made it stronger.

    Thankyou :)

  • Nicky said:

    My favourite book out of the entire series would have to be the third one, Eclipse.

    From the first word to the last eclipse pretty much keeps your eyes glued to the pages. The plot between the characters grows more and more dramatic and I found myself holding my breath without realising it myself at scenes like the final fight, both kisses with Jacob and the realisation that the newborns are out to destroy them. I also adore how Stephenie shows that love isn’t as simple as some people think. You don’t necesarily fall for one person, you’re heart can be caught up by more than one person causing it to be torn up. Throughout the entire book you see how Bella stuggles to make up her mind and how it tears her up because she doesn’t want to hurt any of them. This book was also the hardest to get for me, I live in Belgium and the twilight series wasn’t very known back when I started reading them. Filming for Twilight hadn’t even started and i remember being so very happy when I finally went to London with school and was able to purchase the book there. I got very lucky that day too because the book i brought was the last they had in stock!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Paige Lampe said:

    my all time favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse the romance + action = amazing!!!

  • dawn love said:

    My favorite is Twilight (first book of the saga). The whole book was amazing. I felt like I was falling in love. It was intoxicating. Of course the unfinished book left me feeling that same intoxication, but was a bit more raw. If Twilight was lace, then “the book which shall not be named” was leather. If it were finished, it would definitely be my #1 favorite of the saga. If I were to put them all in order of favorites they would be Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and New Moon. I would love to win The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca O'Dell said:

    Agree with Paige. Eclipse has it all!! Action, jealousy, romance, marriage proposals…need I say more?

  • Haley Nichols said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. I love all of the vampires from other covens, and especially Renesmee! I think this book is so well written and every scene is great!

  • Niekema Hudson said:

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn. I felt that book gave me everything I’d been wanting & waiting for when reading Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse. I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn on the big screen.

  • Sally Gamble said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is “Eclipse.” Eclipse is my favorite book because in the first it is all about Edward and Bella, the second is about Bella and Jacob, and the third is about all three of them at the hiegth of the love triangle, and you don’t know who Bella us going to pick until the end. Also there is more romance in the first, more action in the second, and in the third it is all of that but ten times more intense!! The third one was also more fun to read because things weren’t so serious it was fun and definently my favorite Stephanie Meyer book!!!!!!

  • Melissa C. said:

    This is such a hard decision! I love all of her books but I would have to say that Breaking Dawn is my favorite. Bella’s character develops so much in this book and she becomes the strong Vampire she knew that she would be. I also love this book because you get more of the Cullens. They are such a great family and each individual brings their own bits to the family. I love it!!!

  • Megan DeVault said:

    The first in the series Twilight is my favorite because when I read it it made me feel like I was Bella. Also the most gorgeous guy in the school is interested in you and saving you. As someone who was almost 30 when she read it reminded me of what it was like to first fall in love. Thanks S. Meyer

  • Zuly said:

    By far all Twilight is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, all Stephanie’s books are good. After Breaking Dawn, I wonder what Stephanie will publish? I can’t wait.

  • nicole lay said:

    OMG I would love to win this book. Im such a fan of the twilight saga and this would make me year.

  • Tovi said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is The Host. I enjoy experiencing Wanda’s transitions as she realizes that, unfortunately, the bad in this world is necessary in order for humans to see the true joys in the good. Stephanie Meyer did a fantastic job at showing what it really means to experience this life with all of its highs and lows, with all of the great things this world has to offer, through a character that is not human, but learns to be. To me The Host is based on the discovery of what it means to be human, which I feel is a good reminder for every person during their life.

  • Jennifer Medure said:

    My favorite book of the series is Twilight. This is where we first meet Bella and Edward and follow them on their incredible journey. :-)

  • Gisella Ruiz said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn, love how detailed all the books are & how it makes you feel like you are part of it. Loved The Bree Tanner book also, how she saw & still felt human after being changed. Can’t wait for Midnight Sun to be finished.

  • Sharon said:

    Breaking Dawn!!! I love the fact that Bella finally gets her man and Edward gets what he want as well he get Bella as his wife!!! They have a baby and Jacob has a love of his own and they all still have each other… Then after all of that this book has lots of action even more than the first three :)

  • cassie h said:

    My favorite book in the Twilight Saga is Breaking Dawn. Because I love finally seeing Edward and Bella get married and Bella turning into a vampire. I have read Breaking Dawn over and over.

  • Jeannie said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse it has everything laughter, action, romance, sadness. The characters are more developed, new characters and conflicts are introduced.

  • Lisa said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn because it is the longest of the Twilight books. Also because i love its story line and out of all the Twilight books its the one that i go back and read parts of because i like those parts so mych or want to remember what they said or what happened. :) <3

  • Lacie said:

    I think my favorite book is Twilight. I love watching Edward and Bella develop their relationship and the sexual tension is great too. I wish there were more men in the world that look at women the way Edward looks at Bella.

  • nicole said:

    I just wanna say I was very skeptical about the whole Twilight thing but my youngest son told me, “Mom, you have to read the books they’re so much better.” That of course was after he made me watch the first one and i couldn’t stop. I was hooked. I have to say that from meeting some of the stars and watching so many of their interviews that the cast is soooo down to earth. Stephanie Meyer is my hero she took the simplest of thoughts from a dream and turned it into a beautiful story for millions to enjoy. Hopefully Breaking Dawn is only to be thought of as the end. Hope to see much more like Renesmee growing up and Bella having an amazing vampire second life.

  • amanda schaaf said:

    hard to pick just one but if i have to pick i would say the first book is my favorite in the twilight series just for the pure fact that it is the fountain for which the whole series is based off of. if the first book wasn’t that good, then readers might not have gone as crazy over it and the series might have died out but because twilight was so amazing, we now have sooo much more to enjoy!

  • Gretchen Vaughn said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse. The point-of-view really opens up with the Quileute, Jasper and Rosalie history chapters and “Fire and Ice.” I think the “Epilogue” chapter is the best written of everything Stephenie Meyer has done. I also like how Bella, Edward and Jacob are revealed as imperfect as they go about manipulating each other as we all do in even the best relationships. It’s also the sexiest of the series, despite the lack of actual sex! 😉

  • Gina said:

    My fave SM book is Eclipse. I love that book so much! I love how the story comes full circle in this book. Bella is forced to choose, and you really get to see how much Edward cares for her!

  • Cecilia said:

    My Favorite book of the whole saga would be Eclipse because it shows the inside stories of the vampires Rosalie and Jasper and it also has stories of the werewolves. It’s also my favorite because it is kind of a turning point on Bella’s and Jacob’s relationship, where he tells her he’ll let her go.

  • andrea said:

    Everytime I revamp the twilight saga, I find new parts in each book that I admire more & more.
    but the book that stuck out to me the most was breaking dawn. I felt so many emotions come through. and I was glad that ee were able to see a part of BD through Jacobs view. this is also a huge switch of character for every person in the book! Bella isn’t a weak vulnerable human towards the end. love it!

  • Cynthia vera said:

    My favorite would have to be eclipse. The emotions that bella go through when she realizes she’s in love w/ 2 people is very raw and draws u in.

  • Gabby said:

    My favorite would have to be The Host. I loved the Twilight Saga, but the Host was just amazing. The characters and the whole love square thing was just great. I loved the storyline and i loved Wanderer. :-)

  • Tanya Widener said:

    This is definately a very hard choice. I love all the books in the Twilight Saga!! But probably the one I love the most is Eclipse!! To me it holds some of the most pivotal points in the series, such as when Bella realizes that she loves two very different people and when the wolves and vampires overcome their problems for one another to fight for her! Another reason as to why I love this one so much is because of they actually go into detail about the history of werewolves in the quileute tribe (which was kept in the gray up until now), as well as the stories that help us better understand Jasper and Rosalie, probably the two most misunderstood characters in the books up until this one. I also love the way she balances out romance and action, giving both men and women a reason to love this series even more! All in All… Very Great Book :)!!

  • Cindy B said:

    Twilight, book #1 is my favorite by far. I only had to read a couple of pages before I was hooked. I love seeing the struggles of first love and the dynamics of their relationship.

  • Debra Cline said:

    I love the entire series but Breaking Dawn is my favorite. I like it best because Edward and Bella finally get together and start getting on with their life. I would love to read this book and win it as an autographed cory. Thank you for considering my entry.

  • Gardda said:

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite book by Stephenie Meyer. The wedding, honeymoon, Renesmee, and vampire Bella. How could I not love it the best. And in the end, it is Bella who has the power to save everyone she loves.

  • Selena MacKay said:

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn. It brought everything together and when it came to the end it just had me wanting more. I’ve read the whole series at least 5 times but Breaking Dawn a few more than that. I just can’t get enough of it.
    It’s the innocent, true love and two people. And this is the one that Jacob didn’t really tick me off. He was such an irritating character in Eclipse.
    I’m hoping Stephenie finishes Midnight Sun and looking forward to her next novel in the Twilight series :-)

  • Sneha said:

    I love the twilight series.My favorite Book is “ECLIPSE”.I love this book because it shows the true love of all the 3 Bella,Edward,Jacob.It show how difficult Bella feels to choose between Edward and Jacob.But then too she chooses Edward n will not stop loving Jacob.This is really cool about this book.I love this book alot :)

  • Amber Garrow said:

    I love Stephanie Meyer. All her books have gotten me through some of the craziest times in my life. I would love to thank her for giving me a way out of my crazy life of four kids from time to time. All I need to do is open one of her books. I would love to add this to my collection. :)

  • Iliana Vasquez said:

    My favorite Twiight book is New Moon because I say I’m Team Edward, but I’m really Team Jacob 😉 ….

  • Amy said:

    My favourite book from the Twilight saga would have to be eclipse because there Meyer makes you feel like your there and experiencing everything with Bella as she has to choose between Edward and Jacob. When she finds out that she could be killed by new born vampires. And finally when Edward asks to marry her.The book takes you through a heart breaking and adventurous journey.

  • Ana Patrisha said:

    My favorite book is Twilight because it has a lot of information about vampires and werewolves.It tells the stories of others and in the book,Bella shows how he loves Edward ,that’s why i love the book.

  • Jonina said:

    I think my favorite book of the series would be Eclipse. I felt like I was able to really understand Bella’s situation when it came down to having Jacob around but not wanting to hurt him anymore. I’ve never had a situation exactly like that in my life before, but it was so well written that I feel I can connect with it.
    The entire series is well written. I’m finishing up the series with Breaking Dawn for the 15th time. =) I just started reading Twilight series in June of 2009.

  • Savanna said:

    I really want to win this 😉 My fav book is Eclipse because i think i t is just amazing how Edward has so much self control and he’s so strong i love him.

  • Elisabeth said:

    I love the Twilight saga. My favorite book is Twilight or Eclipse. I’m so glad that Stephenie Meyer wrote The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner because it further explains Eclipse and gives the reader a totally new perspective from new-born vampires that feast on human blood. Please pick me for rge giveaway!!

  • Elisabeth said:

    I love the Twilight saga. My favorite book by Stephenie Meyer is The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner because it further explains Eclipse and gives the reader a totally new perspective from new-born vampires that feast on human blood.

  • Dani said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. I love that Bella finally becomes a part of the world we all know she belongs to. I was all for Bella and Edward being together, but I wanted Jacob to have his happy ending. I adore Jacob and was so happy that he could find his own happiness.

  • Staci Perez said:

    My favorite is Eclipse. It is the most funny, the most tender, and the most action-filled of the series. I love that we got to learn more about the back-stories of Jasper and Rosalie. Bella turns into a courageous and formidable woman. Edward gives the best marriage proposal in history! Jacob goes from a teeanger with a crush to a man with a mission–both in love and war. Eclipse is the book with everything.

  • Elizabeth said:

    My favorite book would be new moon. Stephanie did a wonderful job at writing how horrible it is to lose someone you care for and what you go through. I felt like I was going through it too. I also loved Jacob turning into a wolf and how much of a wonderful friend he was to Bella throughout the story. I enjoyed reading more about the Voultouri and seeing some of there talents.

  • Claire L said:

    I don’t like choosing between anything Stephenie because her style is just sooo unique in every way which is why I love all her books, including The Host. So to properly enter the competition, I must choose between her books, I would have to say that my all-time Twilight related book would have to be Eclipse, simply because they way Bella’s struggle between Edward & Jacob is written is so real I always have goosebumps every time I read the book. I also love the way we get to understand about Rosalie/Bella relationship and also Jasper and why he is the way he is. I do think the funniest part is where Edward conspires with Alice to kidnap Bella – brilliant part of the book – such a real shame it was not important enough to be included in the film, even though there is a lot contained in Bella’s reaction to it that made it important! Fingers x Breaking Dawn won’t disappoint :-)

  • Hailey A. said:

    Hard choice, but I am going to say “The Host.” Do not get me wrong, I love Twilight, but I honestly just adored “The Host.” It was so interesting, and I loved Ian! Seriously, he is like my perfect guy.
    It would be great to win this book though, because I have never read it and do not own it yet! :)

  • Maria B said:

    My favorite book of the entire series would have o be Breaking Dawn…I love how everything finally comes together at the end (even though it seems this story will still continue on)… :)

  • Haley C. said:

    My favorite book in the Twilight Saga is definitely Twilight. First out it was the first book in the series, and it was when I first found out and got to know the characters. It was then that I found out how much I loved to read and how in love I became with Edward Cullen. Everything got introduced in that book, we learned about the plot, the setting, and best of all the characters. Stephenie Meyer also didn’t ever think she was going to write a book and on June 2nd after her dream she discovered that she could and three months later she had finished Twilight. I’ll never forget the day when I picked up that book. I was sitting in school getting out my silent reading book when my friend pulled out Twilight. I asked her what it was about and at the end of our conversation we had swapped books for that thirty minute period. I read the first page and almost like love at first sight I fell in love with the Twilight Saga. Right after school me and my mom went out to buy the book and I read nonstop for the next two days. Stephenie literally changed my life forever, before Twilight i would always be reading a book but never really enjoyed it and I always thought people had to be born great to achieve greatness, but I learned that it’s in your power if you want to do great things. I now read every young adult book you can imagine and keep a reads journal. I also have learned how to become a writer, there is something different in the way that I write know. Even my English teacher started to notice. Twilight is probably on of the best things that has happened to my life, I don’t know where I’d be today without it.

  • Carrie Clark said:

    I think my fav. book is Twilght it is the book behind this great series if not for it where would we be?

  • Donatella Lamb said:

    My favourite is Twilight because it came out from her dream and it is the biginning of out falling in love with Edward and with this wonderful story!

  • Nina Natividad said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn is my FAVORITE book that Stephanie wrote becuase it summarized the entire relationship of Edward and Bella and for Bella to have a baby brought the
    series to the next level. Also to have a part of Jacob’s point of view of Bella in the book really got me to KNOW Jacob’s pain—-it got me to think like Jake. ^_^ Breaking Dawn is AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Jen Holmes said:

    Even though it’s not completed, and rough my favorite is Midnight Sun. To get that small glimpse into what Edward is thinking, and to hear how he feels for Bella. To feel the pain, and agony of the Cullens themselves. I can’t wait to see if she finishes it. Less than a year away to see BD pt 1.

  • Marie said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse! I love how that’s the book where the love triangle comes to a head, and the growth all of the characters do. Bella realizes the full consequences of her choices. Edward realizes that he has to let Bella make her own choices, and tell her what’s going on. Jacob has come more to terms with his wolf identity, and he finally makes Bella see what she stands to lose by becoming a vampire. We get to see back stories for Rose, Jasper and Alice. And the book is also full of fun quotes. My favorite Twilight Saga book. 😀

  • Evelina said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Eclipse. I can relate to Bella in so many ways in that book. And even though kinda bad-ass in Breaking Dawn, I think she’s so strong and independent in Eclipse, and I love that. Besides, it doesnt matter how many times I read that book, it’ll always be just as magical to read it as it was the first time. And I’ve read it about 14 times. It’s amazing!

  • Lily said:

    My favourite book is Breaking Dawn… One reason, because it is the biggest, more Twilight to submerge myself in… And two Bella really comes into her own and shows her true strength.

  • anna said:

    my favourite book is the first of the twilight saga – because it made me read all the others! (thanks to the first movie which made me buy all the books right after watching it!)
    while reading the twilight series i live in a parallel universe, my “happy place”, where i am still going in times of stress and trouble. my personal suggestion for fans: try to read twilight at the same time with midnight sun, that is funny!

  • Caitlin said:

    My favorite book is ,although it’s not finished, Midnight Sun. You get to experience the agony Edward has to endure being a “vegetarian” vampire but being in love with a human. I just love how he expresses his true feelings for Bella. <3

  • Casey said:

    I love breaking dawn because My favorite character is Emmett Cullen and you get to see the most of him in this book. I love his humor!! I also love all the new characters. My favorite thing about Stephenie Meyer’s stories aren’t the stories but her character development and in breaking dawn, there are a lot of new characters, so many you need list in the back of the book to keep track of all of them.

  • PhyllisC said:

    I loved Twilight. Because it was the one that started it all. Love this series!

  • Alina Vijulie said:

    Eclipse. It is fun to see how Edward and Bella handle the relationship now that they are sure about each others love.

  • silentjen said:

    I change my mind every day about which is my favourite. It’s a total cop out, but my mood influences me. I love Twilight for starting the whole obsession, New Moon for being the first book to make me cry (and for helping me understand something I was going through), Eclipse for the romance, and Breaking Dawn for Bella becoming a vampire, finally belonging and saving everyone in the end.

    Maybe on balance, by a microgram, it might be Breaking Dawn. I’ve certainly read that the most. <3

  • Kelsey Lee Fick said:

    Omg! this would be ummm idk how about…..AMAZING!!! 😀 i have read every single book about 5 times but the only one i havent read yet was this book! I cant wait till i see who the winner is!!! :)

  • lindsay said:

    My favorite one is Eclipse because he has the most action and loved hearing the backstories…please pick me :)

  • Shannon said:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because finally Bella finally get to show how edward everything on how she was feeling how edward realy met to her,and gets to use her powers for good.

  • Terra Williams said:

    I love the Twilight series!! ALL the books! Eclipse was my favorite!!

  • Bianca said:

    I love Twilight because it was the book that started it all.

  • Lara D. said:

    My favorite book would have to be Twilight, when i started reading Twilight I had just had my first severe panic attack with residual anxiety that lasted three months and even though Bella is a fictional character I realized that there are a lot of people who do feel as inferior, scared and sometimes out of control of their lives as she did, myself included. In the end she persevered and managed all of the ups and downs, just like we all have too. She inspires me.

  • Sarah S. said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Twilight. I discovered the book before the series was even book and Stephanie was still a local legend. Even back then I knew the series would be the next big thing!

  • Magen said:

    I LOVE ALL Steph Meyer books! Wow what a choice win to win a autographed copy!

  • Carolyn said:

    Oh, it is so hard to pick a favorite because I love them all (including the Host). If I had to pick it would be Twilight because it started everything.

  • Jennie Rose said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. Everything comes together in that book and its about such a great love. I love the ending and it definitely stil left me wanting more. I love all the connections the book and how it makes everyone so much closer. I sometimes wish it could happen in real life just like that.

  • Jennie Rose said:

    My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is Breaking Dawn. Everything comes together in that book and its about such a great love. I love the ending and it definitely stil left me wanting more. I love all the connections the book and how it makes everyone so much closer. I sometimes wish it could happen in real life just like that. Where in the end the love becomes so great because Bella can finally share everything thats been on her mind with Edward.

  • Dedra said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is Twilight. Every time I reread it it is fresh and exciting!

  • Kathy Viernes-Lacy said:

    My favorite book is the The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner because you really find out at what extent the Volturi is willing to go to get the Cullens to be broken up so they can gain Edward and Alice and Bellas abilities

  • Camille said:

    My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is… TwiMoonClipseDawn. I can not pick a favorite because each of her books is a special gem in its unique way. Twilight started the love affair between vampire and human, New Moon lit the stage for the amazing wolfs, Eclipse was the climax of the love affair, we get amazing back stroyrs and the intensity of the triangle left me breathless. Breaking Dawn was finally the happy ending for everyone including loveable Jake. The Host is another amazing story even if it isn’t in the saga and I am so team Ian. Stephenie is one of the most amazingly talented authors in my opinion and to have an autographed copy of Bree Tanner would make me the happiest girl in the world

  • Kayla said:

    my favorite book hands down was breaking dawn. you got to see into jacob’s head and see how it was like fore him to have all the wolves hearing his thoughts.

  • Bridget said:

    I would have to say my favorite book is Eclipse. All of the characters show their strength in this book. Each one has something to overcome and they end up working together, without realizing it, to accomplish this.

  • Mindee M said:

    I loved Eclipse! I thought it was the best one out of the four. It moved me.

  • Debbie said:

    Although I love all the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn was the one I have read 17 times. Stephenie has a way of evoking our own memories of first love and desire as she weaves the real story of what Twilight is about. It’s about love, the love of a man and woman and the love of family. What we learn is that nothing is impossible when we stick together and chose to do the right thing. No matter how strong evil is, it can’t stand a chance against love.

  • Judy D4 said:

    I fell in love with Twilight, the first novel in the Twilight saga. If it had not drawn me in I never would have read the other books so Twilight would have to be my favorite book by Stephanie Meyer.

  • Krista said:

    New Moon was an exceptional book. Bella’s feelings were reproduced in such a real form, I truly felt for her, and could verify and reassess some of my own experiences. It is often at the worst of times that one can learn the most about one’s self; what is important and what needs to be held onto at whatever painful cost. I appreciate a writer’s time and effort in getting difficult and mixed feelings on paper, and Ms. Meyer obviously took the time to do this so well. This book covered so many decision-making moments we’ve all had to be confronted with, and she did this with a wisdom shown in the growth of character in Bella, Jacob, and Edward as well. Utterly believable in it’s topics, on target as a wonderfully written adventure, I recommend New Moon as the best written of her four book series.

  • Tara McCraw said:

    I love all the books but Id have to say Breaking Dawn is my favorite. I just love how she gives in they get married and Bella realizes how happy she has become and then Nessie that had to be the greatest shock! I love how eveything worked out in the end for everyone….

  • Gena said:

    My favorite book by Stephanie Meyer is The Host! I lOve the book so much! I hope (even though it ended) there will be a sequel I would love to read more of what happens to wanda and Mel and everyone!

  • Venera said:

    Jag bara älskar Eclipse för där får man se hur mycke de betydr för varandra på en helt ny nivå. Önskar att alla kunde få en Edward inte skådespellaren allså utan karaktären

  • sherri said:

    I loved this book, just wish the Volturi would have given her a chance.

  • Emily said:

    i think my favourite book would be Breaking Dawn because it is an awesome book and i enjoyed it some much and Edward and Bella finally get there happily ever after.

  • Amanda said:

    My favorite book is Eclipse. I like how Edward and Jacob finally work together, and although I’m team Edward, this kiss between Bella and Jacob was long overdue!! Also, what I’m reading on her website is excellent, and I hope she decides to publish it someday!

  • Nicole said:

    As most of Stephanie Myers fans would say, I loved ALL her books. INCLUDING the non-twilight book “The Host” (which is incredible!). But of all the Twilight books, I’d have to say Breaking Dawn was my favorite. From the first book, there are hints that Bella is quite special, and in Breaking Dawn it’s finally revealed just how special she is. I love how we are introduced to SO MANY new characters and their special abilities. Bella always said she would protect Edward and once she is turned she really does! It was also exciting to meet Renesmee and learn about the imprint with Jacob! It left my jaw on the floor!

  • shardonee green said:

    my favorite stephenie meyer book has to be the first twilight book.Its something about the concept of love at first site being intermingled with the forbidden love thing that entrances me.when i first got the first book i read it in one day,staying up all night to finish it because it was so thrilling.the book was like a gateway drug to me because ever since reading that first book, i havn’t been able to put the series down!!!!!

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