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Having fun spending time in Dubai? Great – now it’s time to have some real fun.  When it comes to having fun, nothing comes close to desert safari Dubai. More so because it offers so many activities in such a small time that you find it difficult to accommodate everything into it. Fortunately, tourists have the option to buy safari packages from different providers which makes choosing the best activity easy. You can extend your safari tour and make it a whole day trip. If you think you hadn’t enough fun in the day time, buy an evening desert safari package to double your safari fun. Here is more on desert safari tours:

Enjoy The Calm Evening

Have you ever had a chance to spend an evening in the desert? If not, here is your chance to spend one. Unlike the fast and glittered evenings of Dubai, the nearby desert of Al Khatim leaves you wondered and dazzled. The strange and yet mysterious evening will let you see the sun going down. It is a marvelous sight, the likes of which you have not seen before. Take as many pictures as you can because it doesn’t last for long. Surprisingly, once the sun sets, the desert becomes much cooler. So much so that you might be needed to carry a blanket with you.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

The dinner is perhaps one of the highlights of your safari tour. It comprises tasty BBQ along with a blend of rotis, tandoori fried dishes, kebabs and hummus. Other refreshments like drinks and cocktails are also included in the package. People who have enjoyed the safari give excellent reviews to the food served. The BBQ dinner quite tasty and unique, and features several dishes of eastern and Arabic cuisines.

The Fun Without The Sun

Once the sun goes down, the desert becomes a cold place. However, you can enjoy every single activity you had during the daytime. From SUV to camel ride, to skiing on the sand, everything is there, but the sun is not. So, enjoy a new type of fun in the cold desert just as you had in the warm one.

Plan a full day desert safari and make the most out of your Dubai trip this summer. Have the best fun time of your life and share the memories with your friends and peers.

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If you see today’s scenario you will notice that now getting a second passport is a trend. Second passport has become a trend because of all the wealthy citizens; the wealthy citizens prefer having a citizenship of two countries. People love getting a second passport for the purpose of studies or some love to get it for the purpose of touring.

Well, people are now more towards getting the citizen of another country with the citizenship of their native country. People now look for St Kitts citizenship from Dubai due to the more opportunities and to expand the business. Well thinking of a second citizenship is not a bad thing but before that you need to know the perks of getting the citizenship of another country.

All you need to know about dual citizenship

There is a buzz in the today’s society. People are running towards the second citizenship. When you acquire the citizenship of another country then you get to enjoy the uncountable facilities that come your way. You get to enjoy the facilities of your native country and of the country of which you have gotten the citizenship.

You must have heard easier said than done. Well, this suits the situation best! Getting a second citizenship requires the efforts. When you get the citizenship of another country then you get to enjoy the legal rights of the two countries.


There are uncountable benefits of getting a second citizenship.

Once you become the citizen of another country, you get rid of the intricate tax system. Moreover you can travel worldwide. You get the legal rights of both countries.

Why do people demand for dual citizenship?

Well it is everybody’s dram to enjoy the better life and get monitory benefits. Dual citizenship is something that allows them to enjoy the benefits they are looking for. When you shift with a new nation you get the same facilities that if offered to all. There is one thing which differs and that is the law system. The law of different countries varies and you have to follow the laws.

It is not just about the getting benefits of that particular country but the second citizenship give you the ease of investing. You can invest in that country. Dominica is a beautiful country to live in; people are looking forward to get the citizenship of that country. Well you can get the Dominica citizenship by investment but yes, you need to choose the right consultant who can guide you regarding the rules.

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For those who are true travel lovers, it is necessary to take a trip to the Middle Eastern countries. The fact of the matter is that these countries are full of people from many different parts of the world. All of these people give tourists the warmest welcome possible with a big smile on their places. However, the one thing that attracts people most and gets them to visit these countries again and again is that of the grandeur and pomp that the Middle East is famous for.


The fact of the matter is that Middle Eastern countries are visited by millions of people on a yearly basis. All of the tourists wish to savor and witness the rich heritage and culture that the Middle East is famous for. A few of the cities that are most famous and frequently visited by tourists include Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Dhow. One of the most famous things tourists do is to enjoy dubai city tour package These cities are mostly famous for their skyscrapers and traditional structures that the tourists just cannot have enough of. These cities are also particularly famous for their display of their rich heritage of art and handicraft in countless museums. With the passage of time, this list keeps on growing as the Governments there continue to add more and more to these marvels. If anything, most tourists don’t even have enough time to witness and enjoy all of them.


Go shopping

If shopping is what you are interested in when visiting Abu Dhabi, then there are plenty of malls for you to choose from. The most popular of these is the Marina Mall. Believe it or not, but this is the place where you will get everything that you want. From international to local brands, everything is here. If anything, this mall is what you can consider as being heaven on Earth for shoppers so make sure that you check it out.


Book a tour

If you aren’t sure about how to book a tour to get to check out all that Abu Dhabi has to offer, get in touch with a travel coordinator right away. There are countless service providers who are more than willing to cater to this need of yours. To get started, visit website and check out the different activities that you can be part of while visiting the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi.