Most of the times different companies will have their own company stamp maker Dubai and they will not trust any other stamp maker in this regard. When you start your own company then you will also need to have a stamp maker who will make the stamps for your company and who will be loyal so that he will not give the exact same pattern to any other person. Rivals or enemies often want to get their hands on the pattern of other companies in order to steal their business or to make them suffer a loss. If you want your company to be protected then you need a loyal stamp maker for your company. You can get more information here about the stamp maker:

Experience: You have to see that the experience of the stamp maker as it will matters a lot. If a stamp maker has more experience then he will definitely has the experience to work with different companies before yours. In this way they will already know about the things which they have to take care while making the stamps. If the experience is low then you should see the character and the name of them in the market. If people have a good opinion about them then you can trust them with your stamps otherwise you should go to them for your work.

Secrecy: It is the most required characteristic in a stamp maker that they should keep the secrets of all the companies they are working with. They should not sell your company’s secret to anyone else for few bucks. If you get to know about someone who is doing this kind of work or if someone offers you get the secrets of others then you should avoid all such people. If they are offering you this then they will definitely offer your secrets to others too. If you want to get more than one stamp for your company then you have to get them all from the same stamp maker. In this way they will also provide you the discount and when they know that you are their regular customers then they will be more loyal to keep your company secret. Having one stamp maker will also be helpful to keep an eye on him.