Everyone loves stationery and it is no doubt that collecting useless but very cute little pieces of erases and fancy stationery from stationery suppliers in Dubai are our hobby. We use this stationery day in and day out even as library resources for teachers yet there are some very fun and interesting facts that we are oblivious to. No worries as here we have got them lined up for you:

  • Post it notes

Post it notes were never a creation of anyone they were just a mistake which Spencer made while working on an adhesive which was supposed to be strong one but it turned out to be nothing more than a weak adhesive which would come off leaving no marks behind this was then combined with paper and thus the post it notes were made.

  • Pencil

A normal lead or graphite pencil can draw a straight line up to 35 miles. As astonishing as this sound, it is just a theory because in order to prove it you will need 35 miles of empty canvas and sharpeners to keep up the tip. Also, if someone does manage to do that, make sure that you film it and make a world record.

  • Yellow highlighters

We have all been there when marking important points with colour coded highlighters used to be one of the top stationery but what we didn’t know is that it is also one of the most demanded highlighter colour because it works best even for the colour blinds as yellow is the most visible spectrum of light.

  • Pens are auctioned

Not all pens but this one specific Fulgor Nocturnus pen which was embedded with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies was auctioned for 8 million dollars in Shanghai. The owner must have only admired it from afar and we like to believe it became their family heirloom later.

  • Paper

We all know this universal fact that paper is made from tree so what’s interesting in it? Interesting is the fact that one single pine tree can produce 80 thousand sheets of paper which is more than any book.

  • Pen lids

Pen lids are the reason that 100 people die every year. Haven’t we all heard from our elders on how pen lids shouldn’t be chewed, well that is because pen lids can cause choking. This is why now many pens have started to make a hole.