Give your kids a surprise

There are a lot of people who think that birthdays are nothing without having the cakes in Sharjah and they are right to some extent but the reality is that there are a lot of other things that will make your birthday party a bigger attraction and everyone will be talking about it for months to go. When you are trying to have a birthday part of your kids then you have to surprise them first with getting the birthday cake delivery in Sharjah from their favorite bakery and in their favorite flavor and then you have to surprise them with some additional amazing snacks for them and for their friends in the party. Here you will get some good ideas about it:


Pizzas are the favorite of every kid and you can get them in your party but instead of getting bigger ones which will have to be cut, you can get smaller pizzas so every kid can get one for them and they can eat that easily without any problem. You can serve them individually so they will not have to share and then no kid will say that they do not get the pizza to eat.


You can have a complete platter for kids and when you have smaller kids then you can make these platters with a mixture of veggies and meat and decorate them in an appealing way so they will eat that without making excuses for not taking the veggies. You have to make sure that there should be no strong taste or spices because kids will not like to have them and then they will eat half and waste the rest of the food. You can make a competition for eating all the food by announcing surprise gifts for those who finish their platter completely and it will encourage them to eat. 

Fruit skewers:

Kids will often love to eat fruits as they are sweet and colorful so you can make them happy with the fruit skewers in which you can have fruits of different colors and tastes and they will be willing to eat them all. You need to be sure that serving table will be refilled again and again when kids are eating so no kid will be left behind and say that he or she is still hungry.